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Netbackup backup images from catalogue

Created: 27 Mar 2014 | 3 comments

Hi All,

Im hoping that you can help with an issue i am facing. Earlier on in the year our netbackup master server had to be replaced and was rebuilt from scratch. We now have a request to restore some data from March 2013 and have no idea which tape has the data on that we require becuase the catalogue only covers backups from this year.

The backups were taken with infinite retention and i have tried to follow the partial catalogue recovery steps but my catalogue does not seem to have updated even after a bpdown and bpup.

Can anyone provide me with a step by step guide that will enable me to import the images from the tapes and update the catalogue without having to manually import 150 tapes?

I am running netbackup 7.5 on windows server 2008 SP2

Many thanks


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Just curious, when you rebuilt the master server, did you do a catalog recovery? Do you have a catalog backup from march or later that contain the backup?. If you do, then your your looking at merging 2 catalogs into one. This is something that should not be attempted without the assistance of either a Symantec NetBackup consultant or a certified consultant from a Symantec Consulting Partner. (See TECH31385)

With that being said, if you have a catalog from that time frame and a extra server, You could set up a temp NetBackup master server, identical to the production server, do a catalog recovery to it, and look at the catalog image data base for the tape you need. Once you have that tape number, do a Phase1 Phase 2 import of the data on your production server, and restore your data. see TECH43584 for Phase 1, Phase 2 steps.

If you don't have a catalog backup from that time frame, you will have to import every tape to find the images your looking for. If you have any organization to the tapes, maybe you could guess where the March backups might be?

Hope that helps

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I thought a catalogue recovery had been completed but the catalogue does not seem to hold any tape information from before the rebuild so it looks like there was a failure somewhere along the way.

I was ideally looking to merge the two catalogues to save me having to phase 1 and phase 2 import 150 tapes. We do have a catalogue tape from the required time and this was the tape i was hoping to use to update the current catalogue with the older information.

The March backups are all marked up but unfortunately they only specify the month and year and not what policies are backed up on what tapes.

Looks like i may have to run through the imports unless someone else has a eureka moment.

Thanks for the information though.


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I was ideally looking to merge the two catalogues ....

Apologies - this is a month later. In case you have not yet imported tapes and still looking for a workaround, you can use Recovery without Import method:

Please take note of additional cat_export and cat_import steps for NBU 7.5 and later.

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