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NetBackup BMR serverrecovery, without Quota informaiton

Created: 23 Apr 2013 | 5 comments

Dear All,

I am recovering a File server with NetBackup BMR. after the OS is rebuilt, i found that the Quota that have set for folder all gone. I have restored it one more time and resutl is the same.

I would like to confirm if this is a limitation  or is there any step i need to pay attention to .


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mandar_khanolkar's picture

Do you have ZFS file system on your client where quota on recovery is not reflected?

Please provide client os, fs details and also NetBackup master client version details.



Tom Cheung's picture

Thanks for replying.

I jsut find that it may be due to the dynamic disk. On the original server, data are stored on dynamic disk (windows level). After the server is recoered through BMR, i need to manually import those disk in order for it to apprear on the My computer. That cause the Quota imformation not loaded... 

May i know is that the import  foreign disk a must for dynamic disk recmovery?

The Netbackup is and server is windows 2008 R2

mandar_khanolkar's picture

>> May i know is that the import  foreign disk a must for dynamic disk recmovery?

Actually this is not required to be done always. But sometimes when windows comes up post-recovery marks dynamic disks in-active and needs to be imported manually once. I have seen this happens sometimes. In case OS sits over dynamic disks then that dynamic volume/disk gets imported automatically.



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May I know how can I make sure that I don't need to improt the foreign disk during the server recovery?

mandar_khanolkar's picture

During server recovery it is hard to figure that out, indeed no way is available. As during first boot post-recovery windows does some internal changes causing this behavior.

So post-recovery better to verify once Windows Configuration manager->storage mgmnt and confirm if the intended disks are imported.