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Created: 24 Oct 2013 • Updated: 25 Oct 2013 | 5 comments
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I am reading the NBU admin guide.Catalog section.

I understand that image catalog is one thing.

under catalog section ,We also have media catalog .What this is for????

We have EMM in which we have all info about Media.Then what is this media catalog under catalog section .

"It removes the media from the media catalog and removes the media IDs in the Media Manager catalog."

What is this media catalog????????

Media manager catalog is EMM.

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There are two 'databases' for tapes, both are part of the NBDB, an SQL database.

Volume DB - best explained as a DB that tracks media 'that NBU knows about'. If a tape is put into a library for example, and an inventory run, that tape is entered into the volume DB and stays there forever, even if the media is ejected from the library.
The only way to remove a media from the volume database is to expire all images on it, and then delete it.

A command that acts on the volume db is vmquery -a

Various info is held in this db such as robot number, slot number, media density

Media DB - this one tracks media that contain images. If a media is empty, as above it is in the vol db only. As soon as the media is 'used' it is given an assign time which is an indication it has been given an entry in the media db.

It stays in the media db until all the images on it have been expired. At this point it is removed from the media db and no longer has an assign time. When the tape is next used, this process repeats.

A command that acts on the media database is bpmedialist

Info held in this data base includes number or images, number of valid images, assign time, data expiration time.

If a tape is not listed under bpmedialist it means it is not in the media db.

Note. It is possible for a tape to be in the media db with no images, this happens for a short time when all the images expire - there is a short delay until a cleanup job removes the tape. It can also happen under rare conditions but these are too complex to go into in this post, and are fairly unlikely to happen providing various non-supported commands are not run.

Regards,  Martin
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Thanks Martin for this explanation.

But my query is  what is  media section under catalog .??(Media catalog).

Vol db and media db are parts of EMM db.

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The Media catalog is the Media DB that Martin described above.

Before NBU 6.0, these databases were spread 'all over the place'. 
Each media server had a mediadb that traced the tapes that were used by (assigned to) that media server. voldb was a file on the master server.
Have a look at this O-L-D TN that describes these databases (exactly as per Martin's excellent post).

Since NBU 6, all of these databases/tables reside in the EMM database.

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Thanks Mam.

1..So when a media is expired ,It is expired from the media db or media catalog?

2..IN NBU 7.1,Media catalog exists? or it is moved to EMM?/

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I was trying to explain that the media catalog and the mediadb is the same thing.

The Media catalog is the Media DB that Martin described above.

Media catalog is just the new name for the old mediadb.

Media catalog exist for all versions after 6.0 - it is a table in the EMM database.

So when all images on a tape have expired, you will get an error message when you run 'bpmedialist -m <media-id>' 

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