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"NetBackup Catalog Backup change successful" started showing up

Created: 21 Dec 2012 | 5 comments

I started receiving email with "NetBackup Catalog Backup change successful" about a week ago.  Not sure why I continue to get these daily (multiple instances of the email).

Does anyone know why I might be getting these?



Solaris master

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may i know how did you configure the catalog policy?

is that from Vault or regular catalog policy?

what is the content of the mail? and what it is trying to say..?

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Hmmm... it seems as if it *might* be related to the vaults we have running on our deduplication pools.  The emails reference *old* catalog backup images (from mid-September).  Odd... I will check the vault jobs that are running to see if they might be sending these.


Wed Sep 19 02:00:17 2012


Catalog Backup Change Status
the requested operation was successfully completed (status 0).
DR image file: /remote/home/netbackup/CatalogBackup-PRD01/CatalogBackup-PRD01_1348041761_INCR
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Strange... doesn't seem to be coming from the vault job - no notifications are enabled there...

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does it possible of late delivery from SMPT server?

where did you configured to make use of this path /remote/home/netbackup/CatalogBackup-PRD01/ as a DR file locations.

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It's coming from NBU.

Seems to be a feature introduced recently and on  investigating I found out that at least one reason they are sent is if the DR file is modified.

From memory, if I have a DR file that lists the media for full catalog backup and then additional incrementals, and then I expire say the last incremental the mail will be sent, as the DR file is updated.


Regards,  Martin
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