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Netbackup catalog backup sendmail

Created: 20 Nov 2012 • Updated: 22 Nov 2012 | 7 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

How can i configure my netbackup environment running on windows to sent catalog backup status.

Netbackup version:

Master server: Windows server 2008R2 Enterprise, SP1.

Thank you.

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firsly download and install blat on your Master Server (copy blat.exe to the system32 directory and run the -install command as per the blat readme)

Next copt the nbmail,cmd file from the netbackup\bin\goodies directory to the netbackup\bin directory and rename it to mail_dr_info.cmd

Next edit that file to put the correct name of your mail server and remove the rem from the line that starts with the word blat and ends in %4

All details in the Admin Guide

Hope this helps

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Login to Master server Console.

Host Properties-master Sever-properties-global setting--

Add the MAIL id where you want to recieve mail.

Need to install blat.make sure this should be configured correctly.

This will send you all backup status details excepting 0 and 1.

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You should not need to add anything in the Master Server properties for just the catalog backup - if you do you will start getting emails for all failed jobs!

Authorised Symantec Consultant . Expert Partner.

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thanks all for your contribution so far. @ mark, which of the symantec admin guide?

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NetBackup Admin Guide I.

Look for these topics:

Configuring the nbmail.cmd script

Installing and testing the email utility

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
Handy NBU Links

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Mark,  Marianne and others thank you all for your wonderful contributtions. The catalog DR settings is working like charm. I have documented below all the simples steps that made it work. HAPPY THANKSGIVING FOR THOSE IN US.

======Installing BLAT in Netbackup========

1. Download blat email utility from

2. Extract the files to a directory on the master server

3. Copy the blat.exe file to the windows system32 directory.

4. From a command prompt, run the following command:
   % blat -install <server addr> <sender's addr>

Where <sender addr is : Netbackup admin's email

           <server addr is: email server i.e smtp server

5. Test the installation of blat by creating a text file C:\testffile.txt with a message and emailing it to the Netbackup Administrator.
   for Example:

   % blat C:\testfile.txt -s Netbackup_DR -to <sender's address>

=========CONFIGURING THE nbmail.cmd script for DR==========

1. copy nbmail.cmd file from:
   <install path>\veritas\netbackup\bin\goodies\nbmail.cmd
   <install path>\veritas\netbackup\bin

  Note: rename a copy of nbmail.cmd to mail_dr_info.cmd in /bin

2. use a text editor to open mail_dr_info.cmd and edit the following 5 lines to below. remove the @REM:

     IF "%~4"=="" (

     blat %3 -s %2 -t %1 -i NetBackup  -server <smtp server addr>  -q
     ) ELSE (
     blat %3 -s %2 -t %1 -i NetBackup  -server <smtp server addr> -q -attach %4

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Hello every one, am trying to deploy this notification on my master server windows 2003, SP1. But having problem editing and saving the .cmd extension. Does any one know how i can successfully edit and save the .cmd files? In windows 2008, this wasnt the case. Thank you.