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Netbackup - D/R from replicated Disk Storage Units

Created: 09 Sep 2012 | 10 comments
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I have a site with a config as follows:

Primary Site: 1 x Virtual Master, 3 x media server.  Media servers all use basiic disk stroage units which are replicated to the D/R site (replication done at the storage level)

D/R Site: 1 x standby virtual Master, 1 x media.  Media server has a tape library attached.

As all of the disk storage units are replicated out tot he D/R site the backup images are safe - but what is the best way to get access to restore these in the event of a requirement to restore backups in the D/R site ?  The media servers to which the storage is attached at the primary site don't exist in the D/R site, just a single media server (which does have SAN access).  We will 'spin-up' the standby master server which will be kept upto date via SRM etc. so will be OK for the master. 

Bottom line - how do I restore data from my replicated disk storage units without the original media servers to which they were attached being available ?  Thanks AJ

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Either run a catalog recovery and then update the catalog with the media server that has access to the images with the nbcatsync command ...


import the images (similar to importing an expired tape).


Regards,  Martin
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Have you looked into using AIR(auto image replication). It works quite well, and the images are automatically imported on the receiving side.

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You will need a combination of nbcatsync and FORCE_RESTORE_MEDIA_SERVER or else import images, as per Martin's post.

We have done this for a customer some time ago, but it's messy and time consuming:

Obviously the SLP duplications will not be applicable in your situation. 
Adapt steps to suit your environment and test... TEST... T-E-S-T !!

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Thanks for the input - however a couple of 'potential' issues / questions here:

My disk units are BasicDisk Storage Units, and reside on NetApp devices (NbCatSync seems to indicate it won't work on BasicDisk).  I use NetApp to replicate the LUNs to the DR site - and obviously NBU is not aware of this secondary copy.  As these are BasicDisk units I cannot utilise SLP's to duplicate them - hence NetApp being used to replicate.

I am running in a single Netbackup Domain, with the second Master server being turned off until required for a recovery.  Therefore AIR is not in-play.

As the Master (primary & DR) are Virtual servers (VMware), I am replicating the datastore containing both the O/S and catalog etc. out to the DR site several times daily - so as to allow me to spin-up the DR Master Server in the event of a failure at primary site and have a recent copy of the Master server including catalog.  I am also performing Hot Catalog backups twice daily directly to the DR site.  Based upon this I wouldn't see AIR coming into play (single NBU domain) nor a catalog restore being required (catalog as up to date as required).

Based on the above, I see my only requirement as being that I need to present the DR versions of the LUNs to a media server at the DR site and then have the catalog recognise these as being attached to the DR media server and not the original media servers in primary site.  Is my only option here an IMPORT of the images after attaching them to the DR media server ?



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Hmm, basic disk you might be correct there ... I've only used nbcatsync on advanced disk.

If there are not too many images, importing looks to be the easiest way I think.


Regards,  Martin
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Like Marianne said, just sounds like you need to set FORCE_RESTORE_MEDIA_SERVER on the secondary site so that the 3 media servers instead restore from wherever the basic disk STUs get replicated (on your 1x DR media server?), after a spin-up of the DR master (which is basically the same identical master). I don't see why an import will be necessary

All you gotta do is test it.

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Hello SYMAJ,

Have been browsing through the net to find out a solution for an environment which is just like yours.

What we have is a master server and several media servers.

We are backing up the data to the NetApp disk and getting it snapmirrored at some other location.

In case of DR my intent is to use this snapmirrored volume to restore the data my getting it imported.

Do you know the process of getting this done.

Infact i would like to know how you do it.


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Based on using basic disk i would go for the import option.

Best way is to have disk storage units configured for the location where the replicated images reside on the DR Media Server and then just run a phase 1 and phase 2 import against those storage units - being on disk they import really quickly (obviously it depends exactly how many images there are!)

The thing to bear in mind is that this is an either / or situation ..... if you also need to recover from tape then it will not work as you want as all of the image IDs will already be present if you do a catalog recovery and so the imports will not work.

You need what is in effect a home made AIR system - so you have a dedicated Master and Media Server with different names to those of the originals so that when they are needed you just run the imports which will work as they are new images for the system.

You may want to keep NetBackup down on those servers however to prevent it trying to interferr with the images appearing in "its" disk storage units (though they shouldn't really be a problem)

Hope this helps

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Thank you for your input.

I tried running the imports on netbackup from the DR storage where these backed up data was replicated but for some reason it gave me the message - No images found.

Do i meed to expire the images to run the P1 and 2 imports.

I am looking out a best solution to replicate the backup data to the DR site still using the basic disk.

I tried the media server deduplication pool but that is not a good solution.

Looking for more inputs on this one.


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If you have de-dupe then a different master at DR and using AIR is the best solution to be honest.

To import the images at the DR site that system does not need to be already aware of them and hence again it needs to be an independant Master rather than a DR copy of the original.

To make the DR site appear the same as the live site you would need  to have the same Master and Media Servers, all with the same paths to the storage units and then do a catalog recovery - after that all the images would be where they should be and you would not need to do any imports.

But if you want to do it with just one media server then you need the system to be independant (different Master and Media name) so that you can just import the images.

Note that if the DR system already knows about the images and you expore them it could just delete them all from disk - or if it cannot find them the expire may fail as it cannot locate the images so you would need to do some cleanups with the -force switch.

Hope this helps

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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