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Netbackup email notification for Oracle backup jobs - need to send parent job only

Created: 30 Mar 2013 | 3 comments


I've been trying to configure email notification where I should only receive 1 email whenever my oracle job starts and completed. I have a master server and a media server running on AIX 6.1 and NBU and & respectively. The database server is the media server where I am taking the backup. I have set the host properties on the master server to "Server" send mail same with the media server but I am not getting any email.

Is there anyhting I missed out? Hope to hear from you guys asap.



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RamNagalla's picture

did SMPT server is configured in your Master server?

does your OS able to send the mails using mail -x ?

I would prefer to confirm this first...

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As per Nagalla's post, if mailx is working at OS level, you can use parent_start_ and parent_end_notify scripts on the master.

Once enabled, this script will send email for all multi-streamed backups, unless you add some logic to only send email for certain policies. See this post for example:

More infor in NBU Admin Guide II:

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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Hi Nagalla,

I have confirmed this, in fact I am receiving email from Master and this Media server if I use "Server sends mail" or "Client sends mail".

Hi Marian,

I have configured the parent start and end scripts. It is working only on policies where the Master server is the backup client. meaning I'm backing up some files from the master server. But for RMAN backup where the client is the Media server itself it is not working. It is send email but after each stream is completed.