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NetBackup Environment Health Check Template

Created: 12 Jun 2013 • Updated: 05 Mar 2015 | 4 comments
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  • Hi All,

I'm hoping someone will be able to provide me with some assistance regarding my questions below.

1. Does Symantec have a Health Check Template that I can utilise for the discovery of a NetBackup environment that will be transitioned in?

2. Does Symantec have a Risk Analysis Tool/Template for the discovery of Risks and Exposures within a NetBackup environment for both hardware and Software?

 What my objectives are at this stage is to do a discovery of the NB environment at its current state and nut out where there are holes, risks any exposures that can mitigate any SLA agreements

Thanks in advance.

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 Your reference to a Netbackup environment that will be "transitioned in" and the objective to do a discovery at the Netbackup environments "current state" is tad ambiguous.Assuming the latter, The Netbackup Analyzer MAY give you much of the information you require. This tool must be used within a functional Netbackup domain.

See attached FAQ For the Netbackup Analyzer

Note Question 5 on the FAQ where it makes reference to a Netbackup Health Check Tool. The link associated with that tool is dead so I'm not certain there is anything available today other than the analyzer for Netbackup discovery.

Hope this helps

NetBackup Analyzer FAQ.pdf 237.85 KB

Jeff Foglietta

Practice Lead - Data Protection and High Availability

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Hi Jeff,

thanks for this pdf

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Hi Jeff,

Thank you for the information and yes, it was very helpful. I'm currently in the process of getting Symantec's assistance with the NB Analyzer.



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Anytime Tina ... Glad I could help.

Could you please mark my post as the solution?

Thanks in advance

Jeff Foglietta

Practice Lead - Data Protection and High Availability