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Netbackup exchange 2010 fails, the client type is incorrect in the configuration database

Created: 13 Aug 2012 • Updated: 15 Aug 2012 | 7 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


NetBackup 7.5

Server 2008R2 x64

2 Full Exchange 2010 servers (CAS,Hub, ed) with DAG

I got GMT backup running on our Exchange DAG without any problems. But via a different policy I want to backup "Microsoft Information Store:\" and this one keeps failing with status: the client is incorrect in the configuration database (72)

Before I got GMT running this policy worked fine for 3 weeks.

Specs of failing policy:

Policy Type: MS-Exchange-Server

No data clasification

Policy Storage: Tape robot

Policy volume pool: Exchange_server

Snapshot client enabled (VSS), options 0,0,1

Allow multiple data streams enabled.

What is wrong with this policy?

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Create new policy and check it from scratch if it helps

btw what is backup selection you did?

 Cheers !!!


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Thanks for your time and reply.

I created the policy from scratch but did not helped. Same error.

The backup selection is: "Microsoft Information Store:\". Also tried "Microsoft Information Store:\<DATABASE-NAME>

Even tried "Microsoft Information Store:\<DAG-NAME>

All gave the same error.

Any other ideas?

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DAG cannot be backed up with Microsoft Information Store:\ . This directive is for Exchange 2010 standalone servers.

DAG Directive:
Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Groups:\

See "Table 5-14 NetBackup for Exchange Server directive sets and directives " in NetBackup for Microsoft Exchange Server Administrator's Guide 

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Thanks for the reply.

So if I understand correctly

As soon as I configured DAG on the Exchange servers I can not backup individual information stores?

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All of this is Exchange issue/terminology.  

I am not an Exchange admin, but my ubderstanding is as follows:

Exchange databases on standalone 2010 Exchange are called "Information stores".
When a DAG is configured, the databases are owned by "Database Availability Groups" with DBs spread across multiple Mailbox servers.

I found this explanation/overview:

NBU for Exchange manual contains examples of Backup selection using wildcard characters:

Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Groups:\*
Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Groups:\Database*
You can obviously specify individual database names, e.g.
Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Groups:\DB1

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Thank you Marianne for outlining this to me.

Very usefull information.

At this moment the GMT backups from the DAG are writing to local disk. Can you provide me with some information on how to get these backups policybased on tape?

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Select a Media Manager Storage Unit in backup policy.

Confirm successful forward and reverse lookup between media server and all DAG members.
Ensure SERVER entry for media server on all DAG members.

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