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Netbackup-How to make full copy have another retention.

Created: 05 Sep 2012 • Updated: 02 Nov 2012 | 5 comments
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Hi all,

I have requirement to enable longer retention on my full backup copy, Not sure did netbackup have this function.

Currently, my client backup will firstly backup into storage unit with following retention.

Full backup 2 week and Incremental backup 1 week.

But due to certain extend, i need to have more longer retention for my full backup and i not able to have more storage space for my storage unit, hence i need to have my Full backup copy to other medium(tape).

Any method i can used to copy over the Full backup copy from storage unit to tape without interrupt any of client operation. And the Full backup copy in storage unit not not purge before data is fully copy into media(for longer retention). I need to ensure there is always latest 2 week of data(full and incr) keep in storage unit for data recovery if required.

By the way, i was come accross SLP option for Netbackup, can i know how it function, can extended rule apply on this function(keep latest 2 week data in primary storage unit, copy only the full backup copy to tape and data in storage unit will not purge/delete unit this copy(from storage unit to tape) is fully completed.

Many thanks.

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SLP is what you need. But presently SLP doesn't support Basic Disk as STU, Instead it requires Advanced Disk as Storage Unit.

If client connectivity wouldn't be constraint . you many opt Multiple Copies Option. where in you can specify regular retention to Disk STU and longer retention to your tape media

Just Increase Max Number of Duplicates under Master Server host properties and Number of Jobs

Create Schedule and Selece Multiple Copies. There you can specify STU and retention levels

Check if this helps

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Need to check did this SLP can set/apply thru dependency rule, primary backup data will not purge/expired until the data is fully completed clone/copy over to tape?

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Yes - if you use an SLP, even if you set it to exire after one day it will not actually expire until it has been duplicated (even if that took a year!)

The backups have a Lifecycle which must complete at some point so it will not expire any backup until it has completed its lifecycle requirements.

As said you need to use Advanced (Enterprise) Disk to use SLP and one neat feature is that you can use capacity managed on the backup copy to make sure you do not run out of disk space

So if you set the disk backup copy to have a capacity managed retention of 3 weeks and your tape duplicated copy to have a fixed retention of 3 months then it will try and keep the backups on disk for three weeks - but if it runs short of disk space then provided the backup has been duplicated to tape it will remove the oldest images to free up disk space

The other beauty of Enterprise Disk is that you can run all of you daily, weekly, monthly backups to the same disk as the SLP controls their retention and not the DSSU

Bear in mind that due to the you will need Daily, Weekly and Monthly SLPs to cover different retention periods and then you specify one in the policy attributes as the storage to use and then override it in the other schedules (so if weekly slp in attributes, override the monthly schedule to use the monthly slp etc.)

Also note that once using SLPs the retention shown in the schedules themselves has no meaning and will be greyed out

Hope this helps

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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Hi Mark,

Thanks for your explaination, i have another last question regarding this SLP.

Can SLP only initial the copy after 2 week time before full back in primary pool is expired?

Full backup, every Sunday with 2 week retention.

Incr backup, every Mon to Saturday with 1 week retention.

For the fist full backup, on the 14's day, SLP trigger and only copy this 1st Full backup to tape and the first full backup data keep in primary pool will only expired/purge from pool after it fully copy to tape(even this tape-out take 2 day, and of course i also need to know will SLP or any mechanism able determine only success completed full backup is copy).

and same process is carry out on 21's day, to copy the 2nd full backup to tape.(but if the first full backup tape-out still in process, both 1st and 2nd full backup will still keep in primary pool, as non success tape-out is done).

Many thanks.

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The SLPs are totally flexible - you can specify any retention for the first (backup) copy and any retention for any number of duplication copies

As soon as a backup has completed successfully it will be submitted to the queue for duplication (at least within some small period of time which can adjusted to suit)

If you require different retention periods for anything you will need different SLPs so in your case if you use a 2 week retention and a 1 week retention then you would need 2 SLPs and set the Full backups to use the Full SLP and the Incremental backups to use the Incremental SLP (just over-ride the storage unit used in the schedules to use the appropriate SLP)

The first (backup copy) will not expire until the duplicate copy has been successfully written - no matter how long a period that may be

Hope this helps

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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