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Netbackup Integration with Data Domain Replication

Created: 20 Mar 2013 • Updated: 03 May 2013 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


Attached is a simple diagram on our plan to integrate new Data Domain at the DR site with our current Netbackup environment at the Production site. Our objective is to perform clients backup at the DR site and do tape out at the Production site. My questions are:

1. Based on the diagram, does the solution is doable to meet the objective?

2. When Data Domain(DR) replicate image to the Data Domain(Production), does Master Server aware on the replicated image at Data Domain(Production)?

3. From which source will Master Server copy the image for tape out purpose? DataDomain (Production) or DataDomain(DR) ?

4. License required (eg. OST & DD Boost)?

5. Alternative solution to meet the objective.

Thanks in advance


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Your plan will work, but NOT with DD's as CIFS shares.

You need Enterprise Disk License for NBU and OST from DD.

You can then use SLPs to configure backup and duplications as per your diagram. This way NBU catalogs are fully aware of all copies of backup image. 
Hierarchical SLP config will ensure that Prod DD is used as source for duplication to tape.

See chapter 14 of NBU Admin Guide I for hierarchical SLP config. 

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Hi Marianne,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Care to elaborate "...will work, but NOT with DD's as CIFS shares" as the DD only have 2 options; CIFS/NFS share and VTL. Or do you mean that the total solution can work when we have Enterprise Disk License for NBU & OST from DD?

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I can only comment on DD config from NBU point of view.

Config in NBU should be neither BasicDisk (mounted as CIFS) nor VTL.

NBU config involves adding a Storage Server and OST disk pools and STUs.

NBU has a generic NetBackup OpenStorage Solutions Guide for Disk  and EMC provides a config  manual called OST_Admin_759-0005-0001.pdf (or newer). 

Yes, licensing that is needed is Ent Disk from NBU and OST from DD.

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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The solution has been tested and its work! With DD Boost enable & the plugin installed to both media/server connected to the Data Domain, master server will aware on the replica copy perform on the DD system at the destination side. With SLP, we manage to do backup-replicateDDtoDD-tapeout in single policy.