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NetBackup job won't complete, says "parent of <whatever folder> has been forced, forcing backup"

Created: 11 Jul 2013 | 5 comments

We have a couple of Windows file servers that have not had a full backup complete since we upgraded the PureDisk storage pool to 663a.  We have since moved them to MSDP storage, but the problem continues.  I noticed today that we are getting the subject error on lots of folders which may explain the problem.  Does anyone know why this would be happening?

12:22:34.052 AM: [7796.10100] <4> dos_backup::tfs_scannext: parent of <I:\Home\CHROBERT\emails\June 2013 emails\FW  Receipt Overage for PO APC29662-0997  Line 14.msg> has been forced, forcing backup

Master: RedHat Linux 5.x and NBU

Storage: RedHat Linux 6.x and NBU

Media/Client: Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Standard

Thanks in advance.

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Mark_Solutions's picture

Interesting one that - did happen in earlier version when storage was part of DFSR but was fixed in - maybe crept back in with

Worth logging a call - maybe roll that client back to and see if it resolves it? (how long has the client been at

Odd that 663a should cause it though.

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This server has never had DFSR at all.  It was upgraded to in 2012 when the server was replaced with new hardware and Server 2008 R2 and was slow to backup afterwards.  When we upgraded PD to 663a, backups stopped completing.   Let them run for days without success.  Have opened cases in the past, but support was not able to help.  Upgraded the server to at support's direction a month or so ago, but it made no difference.

I've re-enabled logging and will open another case, but support just blames the network.

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Yes, I would log a case also.  Have only seen this when DFSR is involved during the Shadow Copy Components backup, which this does not appear to be . . .
Recommend having the 'nbsu -c -t' output from the client available and a (preferably) verbose bpbkar log to get a head start.

Steve Murphy
NetBackup Technical Support