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Netbackup Live Update

Created: 16 Oct 2012 | 1 comment
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I'm setting up a Netbackup Live Update Server following the Symantec Netbackup Live Update Guide. It doesn't seem too much to do so I now have the Netbackup Live Update server done. Followed by setting up a Live Update policy, added a test client... ran the policy and it finished with status 0. Sounds exciting... I remoted in the client server, nothing was really updated.

I have copied the whole "Symantec NetBackup v7.5 Clients in LiveUpdate format" CD to the Live Update server direcotry. I coudnt' find any reference on what exactly has to be copied to the direcotry or what has to be done on those files on the CD. I assume that I don't need to do anything since it said that it is in LiveUpate format. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


Looking at the liveupdate log file.....


10/16/2012, 15:13:22 GMT -> Progress Update: PRE_CONNECT: Proxy: "(not-available)" Agent: "Symantec LiveUpdate" AccessType: 0x0      
10/16/2012, 15:13:22 GMT -> Progress Update: CONNECTED: Proxy: "(not-available)" Agent: "4lkg7tVzMJ+FaK5y/4ezvgsUN1Eknl9UAAAAAA" AccessType: 0x0      
10/16/2012, 15:13:22 GMT -> Progress Update: DOWNLOAD_FILE_START: URL: "http://nbupdate/75/", Estimated Size: 0, Destination Folder: "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\LiveUpdate\Downloads"
10/16/2012, 15:13:22 GMT -> HttpSendRequest (status 404): Request failed - File does not exist on the server.

.............///// The CD didn't come with this file... wondering where this file come from..

10/16/2012, 15:13:25 GMT -> LiveUpdate did not find any new updates for the given products.

10/16/2012, 15:13:25 GMT -> EVENT - SESSION END SUCCESSFUL EVENT - The LiveUpdate session ran in Silent Mode. LiveUpdate found 0 updates available, of which 0 were installed and 0 failed to install. The LiveUpdate session exited with a return code of 100, LiveUpdate ran successfully. There are no new updates to your products.


Why couldn't it find updates? The log actaully looked at the directory I have all the 7.5 update files there. Can anyone shed some light?

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Figured it out that the flg extension had to be added to IIS...

I am able to use the Live Update Server to push 7.5 client software to nbu clients now.

Still trying to figure out what has to be done for i thought it would be as simple as doing the same thing but putting patche live update files in the folder.. but it didn't do it..