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NetBackup Lotus Redirected Point-in-time Restore (PIT)

Created: 11 Feb 2013 | 3 comments
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Is NetBackup support redirected PIT restore of user mailbox in Lotus to another server, or to local folder?

If i perform local restore, do i need to perform manual procedures to make restored mailbox available for Lotus or this process is automated by NBU?

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The lotus agent can restore to the original Lotus Server or reditect to another one - but it has to be a Lotus Server and configured as such - you cannot just restore to a file system somewhere.

You need to restore an entire database and then extract what you need from that,  there is no GRT for Lotus.

PIT is an option on the Lotus tab during the restore after you have selected the datbase to restore

See the NetBackup Lotus guide for full details, all of this is covered in there.

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As usaly, nothing about PIT redirection.

When you redirect to a different client, you can restore to a client other than the

one that was originally backed up. You can redirect the Lotus databases or

directories. The administrator can direct restores to any NetBackup client

(regardless of which client performed the backup). To redirect a restore, the

administrator can use the NetBackup Administration Console on the master server

or the Remote Administration Console.

See the

NetBackup Administrator’s Guide for the configuration that is needed for

this type of redirected restore.

Redirecting a restore to a different path allows a user to restore Lotus Notes

databases to directories that are different from the directories from which the

databases were backed up.

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NBU guides hardly ever cover every single backup and restore option in detail...

Everything under the topic 'About Lotus Notes restore operations' is applicable to redirected restores as well, including logged databases (which enables PIT restores).

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