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Netbackup Management - Reports

Created: 17 Jan 2013 | 9 comments

I just activated the mail slots for the first time. The tapes ejected accordingly after running the vault policy and profile. But when I look in the Reports>Problems I am getting a bunch of these error messages:

<16>vlteject@VaultJobMonitor::_check_job_id: Leaving with DMN=1 SC=20

<16>vlteject@VaultJobMonitor::_check_job_id Job Id NOT set, Forgot to call Init/Connect?

<16>vlteject@VaultJobMonitor::_check_job_id FAILED NB_EC=20 NB_MSG=invalid command parameter

Also in the TYPE column it is showing Retrieve. and the Job ID column is 0.

I have attached a couple of screen shots. The product is NetBackUp

How to trouble shoot this error?

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what is your Vault job status?

could you provide the detail status of Vault job?

and also attach the vault log /usr/openv/netbackup/vault/sessions/<Profilename>/<session id>/detail.log

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Hi Nagalla,

Attached is the detail log. The vault job ran successfully.

Detail Log.pdf 1.23 MB
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the errors that you are getting in Reports>Problems is not related with the Vault job, I have see the log and find no errors.

see the below discussion

this discussin says that there is a fix in 7.5.

we might need to check in Detail logs.

check with Symatnec support once.

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Check the date/time of those events in problem report, does it match with your latest jobs? They could be old...

The "invalid command parameter" usually appears when you run vlteject with no parameter, check this out:

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I am no longer getting these errors. seems like my vault was started while the backup was still running. I delayed the time for the vault to start.

But now I am getting these errors

get_string () failed - network read error (10054)

The job ID shows 0. It seems like a conectivity error but I migyt be mistaken. I have no idea to where to start trouble shooting. How can I find out if netbackup failed to connect to a client or what? Any ideas? Thanks

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as long as you are not having any issues with your jobs backup/restores/duplicates/image cleanup/import 

i would suggest you to ignore  those that you see from reports.

job id shows 0, does it from activity moniter?

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The error messages is in NetBackup Management>Reports>Problems. The severity is listed as critical. I was concerned as to what is failing.

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go ahead and get a call with Symantec, and see what they will find.

let us know the progress also.

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I called symantec support and they looked at the report>problems. This error was occuring on one of my servers. They said it is probably because some network packages are being dropped during transmission. I am having my network guys look into this.