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Netbackup Master Servers Configurartion

Created: 29 Dec 2012 • Updated: 07 Mar 2013 | 2 comments
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I would Like to have a nother Netbackup master server at the same main site " Two servers" running at the same time, if when fail the anbother should be ready to backup and restore. " it is not mandotary to have automaticlly failover, as  Cluster"

my current configuration. one Master and Media server connected to VTL and T.L via FC. my Licenses is Capacity Edition.


WHat is the best configurations / Methods to achieve my goal? Please suggest me as many as no of method that could be implmented here.


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Without Cluster, and with Capcity based trend (if DeDupe is available) go for Auto Image Replication within Site

It would be best of bread to meet your requirement Simply Publish another master to existing clients so in case of primary server fails, you still can continue backup and restore

However you still need some manual intervention and operation associated to it.

e.g. Activate Policy at target after failover (schedule associate to it etc.)

As per best practise would still urge to go for Cluster based proposal (MSCS OR VCS)

Hope this helps

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I agree - BEST way to accomplish "the other ... ready to backup and restore" is through clustering.

Without clustering software you would need to config everything as if clustered environment.

The biggest problem is hostname - a standby master needs to have the exact same hostname as the production master server. This means that you cannot have the standby server up and running at the same time. 
With clustering this is easy - each node have different hostnames with a Virtual hostname as NBU master server. 
Without clustering sofware you need to manually configure each component at OS level in the same way as for a cluster:
ALL NBU databases (including relational databases) on a single shared disk or else a separate volume that is replicated via hardware or VVR to the second node.
NBU installed with same hostname, same location, same version and patch level on both nodes.
Devices will need to be visible on both nodes. With clustering, config for each node can co-exist in EMM database, but with manual system, the devices will have to be re-configured after manual failover. This will be easier if no devices are attached to the master server, and only media servers have devices attached.
If you do not have strong NBU background with good OS skills, don't try this yourself - get a qualified Symantec Consulting partner to assist.

On more thing - to install NBU clustered master server or else have a manual failover process that involves a virtual hostname and IP address can only be done during new installation.
Only Symantec Consulting partners can configure non-clustered master server to clustered.

Hope this helps...

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