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Netbackup Media Change Error

Created: 10 Jun 2012 • Updated: 13 Jun 2012 | 14 comments
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Thank you for thaking your time to read/give me a solution for a problem i am faceing.

We are using Netbackup 7.1 Enterprise with SL500 tape library.  Our companys new policy states that all backup medias which hold the previous day backup shall be put in to a Safe Box and the next media should be used from the Safe to todays backup.

We tried to remove the yesterdays backup media and insert a new media from the same volume pool, so the policy will use the volume pool with out any problem since the volume pool has atlist one media availavle.


Policy failed with Status code 96

Status = unable to allocate new media for backup, storage unit has none available.

Please i need your help on this issue, i already wasted so much time.

You can also share me your idea/experiance if there is any way i can move media to SafeBox then Tape Library then SafeBox Evry day.

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Have a look through the following link /wizard to see why the status 96 is happening.

You need to ensure that you have put the media in the correct volumme pool (or scratch if you have scratch pool setup) .  Make sure you have run an inventory on the library, if you have just put the media back in.

Regards,  Martin
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Hi Mark, Here is what i did depending on your questions,

Put the media in the correct volumme pool?

Yes, all the medias are put in to the exact pool spacified in the backup policy.

Make sure you have run an inventory on the library?

Yes, i can see the media active when i run ./bpmedialist cmd

Also, i have gone through many Docs but i cant get a doc which explain a solution for my need.

Best of Respect.


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Hi Andy,

OK, lets try this.

For one of the media you have put in the pool, that should be used but isn't ...

Post up 

bpmedialist -m <media id>

vmquery -m <media id>

nbemmcmd -listmedia -mediaid <media id>



Regards,  Martin
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If the tape is showing up in bpmedialist, it means that it is already assigned (other backups on the tape).

You now need to check the retention level associated with the tape as NBU does not mix retention levels (can be enabled, but NOT recommended).

If more than one media server, also check media server ownership, as media sharing is not enabled by default (recommended to enable it).

We will probably be able to help you if you post output of all of the following:

Media attributes of tape (media-id) that you have loaded:
/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/nbemmcmd -listmedia -mediaid <media-id>

Details of policy failing with status 96:
/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bppllist <policy-name> -U

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Thank you all for your fast reply,

I have four media servers and i found a mistake with "Enable unrestricted media shareing for all media servers" oprion for the media servers. I had enabled this option for the master server only.

Now all the media server has this option enabled, so let me retry to run the jobs and ome to you with the results.

Best of Respect.

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No luck; here is the commands out put

root@nbuserver # ./nbemmcmd -listmedia -mediaid T00022
NBEMMCMD, Version:7.1
Media GUID:                     04253f5a-8a4d-11e1-8000-bb0989e3470b
Media ID:                       T00022                              
Partner:                        -                                   
Media Type:                     HCART2                              
Volume Group:                   000_00000_TLD                       
Application:                    Netbackup                           
Media Flags:                    1                                   
Description:                    Added by Media Manager              
Barcode:                        T00022                              
Partner Barcode:                --------                            
Last Write Host:             
Created:                        04/19/2012 15:25                    
Time Assigned:                  05/02/2012 21:04                    
First Mount:                    05/02/2012 21:04                    
Last Mount:                     05/17/2012 01:59                    
Volume Expiration:              -                                   
Data Expiration:                06/17/2012 02:52                    
Last Written:                   05/17/2012 02:52                    
Last Read:                      05/11/2012 14:29                    
Robot Type:                     TLD                                 
Robot Control Host:             nbuserver                           
Robot Number:                   0                                   
Slot:                           23                                  
Side/Face:                      -                                   
Cleanings Remaining:            -                                   
Number of Mounts:               5                                   
Maximum Mounts Allowed:         0                                   
Media Status:                   ACTIVE                              
Kilobytes:                      1938808250                          
Images:                         5                                   
Valid Images:                   2                                   
Retention Period:               3                                   
Number of Restores:             0                                   
Optical Header Size Bytes:      1024                                
Optical Sector Size Bytes:      0                                   
Optical Partition Size Bytes:   0                                   
Last Header Offset:             30293893                            
Adamm Guid:                     00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
Rsm Guid:                       00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
Origin Host:                    NONE                                
Master Host:                    nbuserver                           
Server Group:                   NO_SHARING_GROUP                    
Upgrade Conflicts Flag:                                             
Pool Number:                    12                                  
Volume Pool:                    Day-DR-FILE-SRV-VP                  
Previous Pool Name:             -                                   
Vault Flags:                    -                                   
Vault Container:                -                                   
Vault Name:                     -                                   
Vault Slot:                     -                                   
Session ID:                     -                                   
Date Vaulted:                   -                                   
Return Date:                    -                                   

root@nbuserver # /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bppllist DAILY-FILE-SRV-BKP -U
Policy Name:       DAILY-FILE-SRV-BKP
  Policy Type:         Standard
  Active:              yes
  Effective date:      04/30/2012 16:42:03
  Client Compress:     no
  Follow NFS Mounts:   no
  Cross Mount Points:  no
  Collect TIR info:    no
  Block Incremental:   no
  Mult. Data Streams:  no
  Client Encrypt:      no
  Checkpoint:          no
  Policy Priority:     0
  Max Jobs/Policy:     Unlimited
  Disaster Recovery:   0
  Collect BMR info:    no
  Residence:           (specific storage unit not required)
  Volume Pool:         Day-DR-FILE-SRV-VP
  Server Group:        *ANY*
  Keyword:             (none specified)
  Data Classification:       -
  Residence is Storage Lifecycle Policy:    no
  Application Discovery:      no
  Discovery Lifetime:      0 seconds
  Granular Restore Info:  no
  Ignore Client Direct:  no
  HW/OS/Client:  Windows-x64   Windows2008   contestoss-fs01
                 Windows-x64   Windows2008   contestoss-fs02
  Include:  D:\
  Schedule:          Daily-Full-Backup
    Type:            Full Backup
    Maximum MPX:     1
    Synthetic:       0
    PFI Recovery:    0
    Retention Level: 3 (1 month)
    Number Copies:   1
    Fail on Error:   0
    Residence:       (specific storage unit not required)
    Volume Pool:     (same as policy volume pool)
    Server Group:    (same as specified for policy)
    Calendar sched: Enabled
      Day 1 of month
      Day 2 of month
      Day 3 of month
      Day 4 of month
      Day 5 of month
      Day 6 of month
      Day 7 of month
      Day 8 of month
      Day 9 of month
      Day 10 of month
      Day 11 of month
      Day 12 of month
      Day 13 of month
      Day 14 of month
      Day 15 of month
      Day 16 of month
      Day 17 of month
      Day 18 of month
      Day 19 of month
      Day 20 of month
      Day 21 of month
      Day 22 of month
      Day 23 of month
      Day 24 of month
      Day 25 of month
      Day 26 of month
      Day 27 of month
      Day 29 of month
      Day 30 of month
      Day 31 of month
      Last day of month
    Residence is Storage Lifecycle Policy:     0
    Daily Windows:
          Monday     20:00:00  -->  Tuesday    03:00:00
          Friday     20:00:00  -->  Saturday   03:00:00
  Schedule:          Daily_Diff-Inc_Backup
    Type:            Differential Incremental Backup
    Frequency:       every 7 days
    Maximum MPX:     1
    Synthetic:       0
    PFI Recovery:    0
    Retention Level: 3 (1 month)
    Number Copies:   1
    Fail on Error:   0
    Residence:       (specific storage unit not required)
    Volume Pool:     (same as policy volume pool)
    Server Group:    (same as specified for policy)
    Residence is Storage Lifecycle Policy:     0
    Daily Windows:
          Tuesday    18:00:00  -->  Tuesday    23:59:59
          Wednesday  18:00:00  -->  Wednesday  23:59:59
          Thursday   18:00:00  -->  Thursday   23:59:59

root@nbuserver # ./vmquery -m T00022
media ID:              T00022
media type:            1/2" cartridge tape 2 (14)
barcode:               T00022
media description:     Added by Media Manager
volume pool:           Day-DR-FILE-SRV-VP (12)
robot type:            TLD - Tape Library DLT (8)
robot number:          0
robot slot:            23
robot control host:    nbuserver
volume group:          000_00000_TLD
vault name:            ---
vault sent date:       ---
vault return date:     ---
vault slot:            ---
vault session id:      ---
vault container id:    -
created:               Thu Apr 19 15:25:18 2012
assigned:              Wed May 02 21:04:41 2012
last mounted:          Thu May 17 01:59:48 2012
first mount:           Wed May 02 21:04:52 2012
expiration date:       ---
number of mounts:      5
max mounts allowed:    ---
status:                0x0

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Your policy does not call for specific Storage Unit:

'Residence:           (specific storage unit not required)'

Please choose Storage Unit that has 'robot 0' and 'hcart2' as attributes.

PS: Your policy type should NOT be Standard when backing up Windows clients.

Backup will work, but user permissions and folder shares might not be restored correctly.
Change to MS-Windows.

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Hmm, vcan't see anything obvious ... Marianne will be along in a minute to point out the obvious thing I missed ....
Policy details match DB details 
Volume pool from policy ...   Day-DR-FILE-SRV-VP
Retention from policy  ...    Retention Level: 3 (1 month)
these match the media details ...
Media/ Volume DB
Volumr pool from vol DB  :   volume pool:           Day-DR-FILE-SRV-VP (12)
Retention from media DB  :  Retention Period:               3  
No max mounts or expiration time set ....
expiration date:       ---
max mounts allowed:    ---
I presume the density of this media (hcart2) matches that of the drives and storage unit ?
If you run nbrbutil -dump, in the MDS bit at the bottome, is this media listed (it shouldn't be) - just wondering if there is a stuck allocation ...
Regards,  Martin
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Other than the 'Any Available' in STU selection in policy, I'm wondering if each of these clients have its own STU (San Media server).

We can see this tape was last written by contestoss-fs02.

If there is a STU for each client in the policy:

The default  "MUST_USE_LOCAL_DRIVE"  Emm setting will initiate jobs for each Client / San Media server.

Backup for contestoss-fs02 should be able to append to media id T00022, but contestoss-fs01 will need its own, separate tape.

It is really important that you work through the wizard (2nd link in Martin's 1st post) as we do have full visibility of your unique environment.

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*Check if the media loaded today in to Library are write protected.

*Also check the storage unit density type picked in the backup job and the available media in respective volume pool is of same type.


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The tape you have listed was writtent before you allowed media sharing so is still set as a No Sharing Tape.

Time Assigned:                  05/02/2012 21:04

It wont go into the Sharing group until it has expired                 
Data Expiration:                06/17/2012 02:52

Try with a tape that has already expired - I am assuming as Marianne says that your clients are SAN Media Servers - if not please give a little more information about the Master and Media Servers and your tape library(ies) so that we have a clear picture of your setup


Authorised Symantec Consultant

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Dear All,

Thanks!!!! Marianne and Martin, i am finally able to run each policys with out any problem;

To give you some points i missed to give you in my last post, our Netbackup envaroment looks like this

- One Netbackup 7.1 Unix Master server

- Four Netbackup 7.1 Media Servers on Windows Server 2008

- One SL500 Tape Library connected to the Four Media servers and Master Server through SAN Switch

- Also the four  media Servers are Netbackup Clients

-----contestoss-fs01 (Media Server and Client)
-----contestoss-fs02 (Media Server and Client)

Now i cahnged the policy type to MS-Windows, also i separated the policy in to two for each contestoss-fs01 and contestoss-fs02 and assighned them to be a policy storage of themselvs, and created separate volume pool. now it works




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As Mark expained above:

The tape you have listed was written before you allowed media sharing so is still set as a No Sharing Tape.
It wont go into the Sharing group until it has expired       

So, with only ONE tape available, both San media servers needed a tape of their own:

Tape was already assigned to contestoss-fs02 and it could append to this tape.
There was no tape for contestoss-fs01, so it failed with status 96.

There is no need for separate pool. You just need to ensure that there are enough tapes for each media server. Even with media sharing enabled, only one media server can write to a tape at any given time.
Media servers will be able to append to the same tapes in the same pool with the same retention.

With separate pools, you are complicating your life even more - instead of ensuring enough tapes in one pool, you now have to supply enough tapes in each pool and media sharing is not possible.

Hope this helps!

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Ummmm, now i get you even more.

Thank You Marianne, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!