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Netbackup Media Server - 2 questions

Created: 15 Oct 2012 • Updated: 03 Jan 2013 | 2 comments
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I am new to Netbackup forums, and netbackup.

2 questions:

1) does a media server need the robot configured on it as well?

I have a library with 12 tape drives and I have allocated the tape drives and robot to the Master.

I have only allocated the tape drives to the media server.

In other words Is this correct or would it impact backup speeds?

2) Can you set policies and pools in such a way that for 12 tape drives: one backup uses only Tape drive 1,

a different backup only uses Drives #2 and #3,  ?  How is that done?

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1) No, the robot can ONLY be configured on one host.  The exception is if you have the tape library partitioned (probably requires a license upgrade from your tape library vendor), then each partition has to have a robot control host.  I would recommend robot control be hosted on a media server that has tape drives attached.  It won't affect throughput.  You can also host it on the master server, if you are using the NBU drive sharing option to share the tape drives between the master and media server(s).

2) You can kinda do that if you REALLY need to, but it would make more sense to let NetBackup choose the drive.  Since you are new to NBU, you may not be aware that it works on the principles of pooling resources: tape drive pools (via Storage Units), disk pools, media pools, etc.  When configured correctly, you spread out the tape drive wear somewhat evenly across your tape drives and distribute the processing load across them.  It is better to let NetBackup do what it is designed to do, rather than for you to micro-manage exactly which tape goes to which drive(s). 

If you are just setting up a new environment, I'd suggest you try to take one of the NetBackup classes to familiarize yourself with more of the NBU concepts.  If you are taking over an existing environment, I'd suggest you spend a few months working with what was set up before you, then use the manuals and this forum to answer questions, and THEN take the NBU course.  I had many questions by the time I took the first NBU course and it answered all those "Why?" and "What does that do?" questions.  :)

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No physical wiring is needed, just configure the robot on your new media server so as to the robot is controled by remote server. Just add the robot on ther media server.
When adding, specify same robot number with master server, select 'robot control is handled by remote server', and enter your master server name in 'robotic control host' box.

It is possible, but I think you shouldn't.
You have to assign different drive type for each tape drives, and create storage units for each drive.
"Media type must be same with the type of drive" - so you have to assign different media type for tapes. This means you can not read/write tapes with other tape drives in your robot.

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