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Netbackup Media Server and Clients behind firewall segregating Master Server

Created: 10 Dec 2012 | 2 comments

Hi All,

First Environment overview:

Main Netbackup Master server running Netbackup (Windows)

5 Netbackup Media Servers running (RHEL 6)

Small "remote" master server running 7.5 (RHEL 6)

Now the small "remote" master server is not that remote, but in the same DC behind a firewall on a separate private LAN segment to the main Master Server.

For this exercise lets call the main Master server Master A and the Small master server Master B.

Master B is also acting as a Media Server to serve the small amount of clients on that specific private range (10.56.x.x).

Master B is replicating all backup images and jobs to Master A via Netbackup AIR.

It seems overly complex, the reason for this is the firewalling and IP addressing.

Master A sits on  (196.x.x.x) public range as well as the six media servers.

Master B sits on a private range. 

The reason for this setup is that Master A cannot contact the clients sitting on a private range behind a single NAT, the customer does not have enough public IP's to do one to one Natting to their private IP clients.

So after all of that, is there anyway i can get Master A to use Master B as a "proxy" type of media server. Say convert Master B into a media server and then let all backups run via the Media server sitting on the private range. Master B also has two NIC's one with a private address (10.56.x.x) and a Public of (196.x.x.x).

Any idea's??

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NetRestore's picture

I guess no takers on this, we used to be able to do this back before the 7.xx series release.

Too complicated for you all or no possible way to do this.

Would it not be even remotely possible to get the Master server to connect to a media server with two nic's and then get the master server to talk through the media server to the clients?

Andrew Madsen's picture

I am rather new to the forums so I did not see this request. However we are faced with a similar set up. YOu can do this HOWEVER you can not multi stream nor can you manage the clients (ie changing client properties, determining client properties, restores etc.) in fact all you can do is backup because anything else requires client contact with the Master Server. Doing backups with no hope of restoring kind of defeats the purpose of backups if you ask me.  

So techinicall you can do somehtong but practically it is not worth it.

In being new to the forums I am also new to NBU the first version I have used is 7.5. I know this will not help but I cannot even see how it was possible before 7.x since the process depends so much on network connectivity.

The above comments are not to be construed as an official stance of the company I work for; hell half the time they are not even an official stance for me.