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Netbackup MS SQL Client

Created: 15 Nov 2012 • Updated: 15 Nov 2012 | 7 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


Im running a Windows 2008 R2 Master server. NBU

Im also Running my SQL server on the same machine.

Im trying to do a restore from the SQL client, as soon as I select the transaction log backup to restore, the GUI bombs out.

From what i have read so far this was a Issue on NBU and has been fixed by Symantec, and supposed to be working in 7.5?

The error, dbbackup exe has stopped working.

Any one with any suggestions/fixes for this issue?

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Increase Client Read Timeout to at least for 2-3 hours (7200). Enable dbclient log on the destination client and check what it shows.

Make sure on ws 2008 right click and run as administrator.

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Comments from my side as I am also involved in this POC:
Timeouts are not applicable as the client interface crashes the moment a log is selected.
This does not happen when full or differential is selected.

UAC is completely disabled.

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Found FIX.

EEB 2990617.1 has been used to fix this issue.

It replaces the dbbackup.exe

and dbbackmain.dll.

This is a known issue in NBU, NBU

Its been resolved. :)

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All these lovely KNOWN Issues without any TechNotes........

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You wont find this EEB on the web, no where to be seen, but its a known issue in ??

Accordingly, it will be fixed in, but until then, it will be nice if its made available on the Symantec knowledge base.

We have alot of customers running this version, luckily now we do have the EEB, imagine logging a call for each customer, then have to scream and shout due to support not comming back to us, we have to constantly phone them for, "when will an engineer contact me, its been 5 hours already no response". NOT COOL!

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If I may offer a response...

1. It looks like you opened AND resolved this thread on the same day.  I wish all our threads could be resolved in 0 days!

2. The Etrack you're referencing (2990617) didn't exist until eight days ago - I know eight days feels an eternity when things aren't working the way you expect them, but to get from "not working" to "working EEB built by Engineering" takes an extraordinary effort by a lot of talented folks working together to solve your problem.

3. Despite beliefs to the contrary implied in this thread, we in Tech Support are NOT in the habit of hiding knowledge from customers.  If a TechNote isn't already publicly available, I'm certain the backline TSE involved will produce one and we'll have it published soon.  In fact, they may be waiting on some additional data, because...

4. It looks like this issue is still being worked, and your "v1" EEB is already obsolete.  Have you been offered EEB 2990617.2 yet?  You might want to ask your TSE about this.  (If things are working NOW, that's great!  But seeing a newer version of the EEB you're mentioning makes me concerned that it may not be COMPLETELY fixed and it may only LOOK like it's fixed, or it's partially fixed, or I really don't know because it's totally above my head.)

That's my PR campaign for the day.  I hope it wasn't entirely unenjoyable.  ;-) | APPLBN | 761LBN

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Hi Chris

Thanks for taking personal interest.

You are 100% correct - case was closed on the same day that it was logged.
Our issue is with the KNOWN PROBLEM fact...

Because of way too many bad experiences with support calls, we do everything humanly possible to avoid logging calls with Support.
We have searched the web (no 'KNOWN ISSUE' found) , we have copied binaries from other machines, tried to downgrade and broke the installation because of the fact that this test server is both server and client, re-installed and imported images, and only then logged the call...

We have done a new set of full, diff and log backups and can now select the log backups, just not restore them!  

We have eebinstaller.2990617.1 - probably time to request v2.......

Still hoping that TechNotes will be published for KNOWN ISSUES - even if it says 'contact Support to obtain a fix' or 'fix is still being worked on'.

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