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NetBackup MS SQL Client is not working for Backup Operators group in Windows

Created: 09 Nov 2012 | 5 comments

Hi all and good day,

I have an issue here with Netbackup and appreciate if anyone can help me out here. 

We want to delegate backup and restoration to users that falls under the Backup Operators group. Our server is a Windows 2008 Enterprise and installed with Veritas NetBackup.

For now, we have created a local user (bckopr01) in the server and he is a member of the Backup Operators and Remote Desktop group. Additionally, we have created a login to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 for bckopr01 using Windows Authentication and assign with sysadmin roles. We have verified both OS and SQL login and both are fine.

When I run the Veritas NetBackup MS SQL Client as bckopr01 and fill in all relevant information, I got an error saying that "Application connection failed for <server name>/."

However, when I run the Veritas NetBackup MS SQL Client as Administrator and enter in bckopr01 SQL username and password into Userid and Password for SQL Standard or Mixed Security section, it works fine.

Is there anyway I can allow Backup Operator to be able to connect?

Additional troubleshooting information

  1. I have tried adding Administrator group to bckopr01 and it does not work as well.
  2. I have disabled UAC and tried "Run as administrator" with bckopr01, and it still does not work as well.
  3. Also, I noticed that the SQL server version, Security and Host type information under SQL Server Properties is missing when I login with bckopr01. However, if I login as Administrator, those information will be shown.

Appreciate your help on this. Thank you in advance.

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V4's picture

What's challange in assigning it to Local Admin group?

We do not want Domain Admin, But local admin is must

jdoe1234's picture

Well, thing is we have to adhere to the Information Security Policy and that Backup Operators should remain as Backup Operators without administrator rights.

So, is it safe to say that users under Backup Operator group will not be able to execute the NetBackup MS SQL Client?


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Not sure to mention it accurately, though it is mentioned in guides as well account must be with administrative priviledged account which inherently enforces rights to access objects throughout all security layers within OS to Application.

It would not be good to choose any user which can perform backup (non administrator) and if it happens , then i guess it would be security breaches

Hope it helps

Sathish Kumar R's picture

For SQL backups , Backup operators must have Admin privileages in that server or else should have full Access to SQL server management studio console.