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NetBackup for MSSQL Client failing on setting connection properties

Created: 14 Mar 2013 | 1 comment

I'm attempting to configure NetBackup to backup my SQL Server 2008 R2 databases. When I enter credentials on the SQL Server connection properties screen, I get the dreaded "Internal error. See the dbclient log for more information" error message. Here is the contents of the log:

18:30:01.330 [4420.2316] <4> SQLEnumerator: INF - Enumerated SQL hosts: SERVER:Server={(local),MYSERVERNAME};UID:Login ID=?;PWD:Password=?;Trusted_Connection:Use Integrated Security=?;*APP:AppName=?;*WSID:WorkStation ID=?;
18:30:01.330 [4420.2316] <4> CGlobalInformation::SQLEnumerator: INF - Hosts and instances retrieved from host list string
18:30:01.330 [4420.2316] <4> CGlobalInformation::SQLEnumerator: INF - host: MYSERVERNAME
18:30:01.330 [4420.2316] <4> CGlobalInformation::SQLEnumerator: INF -      instance: <default>
18:30:01.330 [4420.2316] <4> CSQLDBMSOptions::OnInitDialog: INF - It is unknown whether NetBackup for Microsoft SQL Server is installed on host machine
18:30:14.159 [4420.2316] <4> DBConnect: INF - Logging into SQL Server with DSN <NBMSSQL_temp_4420_2316_2>, SQL userid <sa> handle <0x016d2dd0>.
18:30:14.221 [4420.2316] <4> DBConnect: INF - Logging into SQL Server with DSN <NBMSSQL_temp_4420_2316_2>, SQL userid <sa> handle <0x016d2868>.
18:30:14.237 [4420.2316] <4> CGlobalInformation::CreateDSN: INF - A successful connection to SQL Server <MYSERVERNAME\> has been made using Trusted security with DSN <NBMSSQL_temp_4420_2316_2> using standard userid <sa>.
18:30:14.237 [4420.2316] <4> DBDisconnect: INF - Logging out of SQL Server with handle <0x016d2868>
18:30:14.252 [4420.2316] <4> DBConnect: INF - Logging into SQL Server with DSN <NBMSSQL_temp_4420_2316_2>, SQL userid <sa> handle <0x016d2868>.
18:30:14.252 [4420.2316] <4> DBDisconnect: INF - Logging out of SQL Server with handle <0x016d2868>
18:30:14.502 [4420.2316] <16> CUserLogin::ModifyDefaultSQLUseridAndPasswordInReg: ERR - Internal error. See the dbclient log for more information.
18:30:14.502 [4420.2316] <32> CUserLogin::ModifyDefaultSQLUseridAndPasswordInReg: ERR - Error in CryptExportKey (for determining size): 2148073475. The text follows:
18:30:14.502 [4420.2316] <1> CUserLogin::ModifyDefaultSQLUseridAndPasswordInReg:     CONTINUATION: - Bad Key.
18:30:14.502 [4420.2316] <16> CSQLDBMSOptions::OnApply: ERR - Error encountered entering your SQL host/instance into the registry.
18:30:15.815 [4420.2316] <4> CGlobalInformation::DeleteDSN: INF - Error removing ODBC data source name DSN=NBMSSQL_temp_4420_2316_2
18:30:15.815 [4420.2316] <1> CGlobalInformation::DeleteDSN:     CONTINUATION: - Invalid DSN
18:30:15.815 [4420.2316] <1> CGlobalInformation::DeleteDSN:     CONTINUATION: - Driver's ConfigDSN, ConfigDriver, or ConfigTranslator failed

I've looked at the other posts that have similar issues but haven't seen any recommendations that would fit our scenario (Remote Registry is running, the sa account has full sysadmin rights, the MSSQL Client was started with RunAs using an Administrator account, etc.).  Any suggestions as to other things I might try?


Gary Hampson

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Dyneshia's picture

1) Are you trying to use encryption with this backup ?  If so, please move this from the policy.

2) What is the netbackup client service set to ? If should be set to an account that has local domain rights AND SQL admin rights.  As a test you can set it to the sa account.

3) The password for the SA account is set in the SQL agent , correct ?  If not, please do so.

4) Are you using integrated or mixed security ?

If Integrated avoid setting the user name/password fields in the connection properties dialog.

5) Try adding host files

6) If Windows 2008, be sure you are right clicking on the SQL agent and running as sysadmin.

7) As a side note, you really should be at  Please update once the log on issue is resolved.