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netbackup NDMP block level backup of ONTAP 8.1.2 and ONTAP 7.3.7 volume

Created: 08 Feb 2013 • Updated: 14 Mar 2013 | 4 comments
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There is some information on the NetApp about NDMP certified software but the ability to take a block level backup of a NetApp volume from the filer running ONTAP 7.3.x with say 'snapmirror store' over NDMP to the tape and then restoring it to ONTAP 8.1.x over NDMP using 'smtape restore' remains to be exercised.  Does anybody tried that? This would be really useful to migrate from old filer to new filer in new location.

So far talking to Symantec sales is difficult and getting an eval copy of the netbackup does not show promise. The condition to get the eval copy for redhat is that I commit to buying for the list price ($18k).  Is that price reasonable for a 2 proc linux server with NDMP capability?

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I could find some relevant posts here, but no detailed feedback.

The condition to get the eval copy for redhat is that I commit to buying for the list price ($18k).

It's odd thing. You have a right not to buy it when you are not satisfied with results of evaluation.

Cost of license(and maintenance renewal) depends on your configuration and tier of filer and hosts. You can verify the price of license in online store like You should talk with sales rep which licenses you need for your plan.

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OK, I have not attempted this but I would suspect snapmirror works fine between filers running same version but not with different versions. 

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  • refer to the attached test scenarios (backup software was CommVault, but the the filer was NetApp. It ought to be happen the same result yields on any other backup software).
  • for SnapMirror (block level), is not recommended for long term recovery purpose. It is rather designed for DR purpose.
  • for NDMP (file level), is suitable for both short + long term recovery purpose. since there is no concern towards the OnTap version backward compatibility as apposed to SnapMirror does has limitation on the OnTap backward compatibility during recovery (Based on the testing scenario showed).
  • refer to test ID8. it shows the SMTape restoration was successful from 7.3.3 to 8.1 OnTap. But no the other way round, it fails.