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Netbackup: NDMP: How NDMP_MOVER_CLIENT_DISABLE resovles the foirewall issue

Created: 24 Mar 2013 | 1 comment

Netbackup and NDMP

How does entering the kkey word NDMP_MOVER_CLIENT_DISABLE resolves the firewall issue?

I just need to udnerstand the mechanism as to how the ports are used under this  setting.

reference: Insert putfollowing keyword in it : NDMP_MOVER_CLIENT_DISABLE


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RamNagalla's picture

Did the firewall port open between the Media server (DMA) to NDMP filer (tape or disk).

if not that would probably expline why, I guess..

  • If using NDMP:

Media server (DMA) to NDMP filer (tape or disk) requires TCP port 10000.

SERVER_PORT_WINDOW is used inbound from filer to media server for remote NDMP and can also be used for efficient catalog file (TIR data) movement with local and 3-way NDMP.