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Netbackup & QFS -- error 13

Created: 27 Mar 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment

Netbackup 6.5.3 Master Server - HP-UX
Netbackup 6.5.3 Client - Solaris 10 (Both QFS Server and QFS Client)
QFS Version - 4.6.5

When I attempt to backup my QFS file systems (QFS only -- NOT SAMFS-QFS) on the QFS Server, the backups fail with an error 13 -- file read fail.  When I look at the bpbkar log files I see : " .inodes -- not owner"

Odd thing is, is that my other two QFS environments backup fine.

Any thoughts?

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    An I/O error occurred during a read from the file system.
For a FlashBackup client, check the /var/adm/messages log for errors like the following:
Mar 24 01:35:58 bison unix: WARNING: sn_alloccache: cache
/dev/rdsk/c0t2d0s3 full - all snaps using this cache are now unusable
This error indicates that the cache partition is not large enough. If possible, increase the size of the cache partition. Or, if multiple backups use the same cache, reduce the number of concurrent backups. To reduce the number, reschedule some of them or reschedule the entire backup to a time when the file system is less active.
3 For detailed troubleshooting information, create a debug log directory for the process that returned this status code. Then retry the operation and check the resulting debug log.
4 For NetBackup Snapshot Client only:
Status code 13 may appear in the /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/bpbkar log, and can indicate the following:
* The files to back up reside on an IDE drive as opposed to SCSI. The off-host backup method was set to either NetBackup Media Server or Third-Party Copy Device. If you use off-host backup, the disk that contains the client files must be a SCSI or Fibre Channel device.
If the disk is an IDE drive, you may see the following in the /usr/openv/ netbackup/logs/bpfis log:
get_disk_info: FTL - /var/tmp/caa026fEU disk_inquiry failed.
Errno = 25: Inappropriate ioctl for device
and the following may appear in the /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/bpbkar log:
bpbkar: INF - Processing /var
bpbkar: ERR - get_disk_info() failed, status 13
bpbkar: ERR - tpc_get_disk_info() failed: err 13
bpbkar: ERR - bpbkar FATAL exit status = 13: file read failed
bpbkar: INF - EXIT STATUS 13: file read failed
* The files to back up exist on a file system that is not mounted. The file system that is specified as the snapshot source must be mounted. If the snapshot source is not mounted but the mount point is present, NetBackup may do the following: try to take a snapshot of the directory above the directory that was specified as the snapshot source.