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Netbackup RESTORE of a NDMP POLICY backup type

Created: 05 Dec 2012 | 2 comments

Im having some difficulty in performing a Restore of a Directory that is backed up us a NBU NDMP Policy Type.   The directory that I want to restore which has been deleted resides on our NAS.  We are using Netbackup in a Solaris 10 UNIX environment.  We have one master server and one media server.  Im trying to use the Restore portion of the NBU Admin Console on the Master Server.  When I go to select the "Specify NBU Machines and Policy Type" and I select the correct client for the "Source" and "Destination " and "Policy Type (NDMP)" The GUI seems to temporary lockup/freeze..  No hour glass or anything.  But after like maybe 8 to 10 minutes or so.. Im able to Browse the directory portion of the GUI.  But then again it freezes up but this time with the hour glass icon for the mouse pointer.  It eventually unfreezes and and I can drill down again one directory level at a time. The Directory Im trying to restore is only 2 levels down from the root directory.  So eventually I get to where I want to place a CHECK Mark in the BOX to Identify that particular directory that I want to restore.  But it will not let me place a check mark.   So another words I cant do the Restore ..   Anybody ever seen or heard anything like this before.  I mean my backups of the NDMP Policies run fine. 


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The delays I've seen - frequently - generally due to the amount of data (size & number of files) & age (if catalog compression used), sometimes resulting in the BAR GUI on my PC "Not Responding". Often found that using the Java Admin Console was a little better than the Windows BAR.

As far as the inability to 'check' the box, I can only see this at the 'root' levels e.g. the volume unselectable (e.g. /vol/vol1) but the underlying qtrees are (e.g. /vol/vol1/qtree) are selectable.

((NetApp, Solaris 9 & NB6.5.6 sshhhh!))

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Only other thought(s):

  • are there other entities within this particular backup image that you *can* restore?
  • this question was prompted by a thought of what your backup selections are for this particular NDMP policy - you don't have "SET HIST = n" do you? Never actually used this myself, so don't know how it would present itself in the BAR GUI any way, but it would prevent you from restoring individual items & you would only be able to restore the volume/image as a whole.