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Netbackup Restores

Created: 16 Apr 2012 | 7 comments

I am lookimg at automating netbackup restores at user level .. Is there any third party tool which can simplify this  ?

example - user enters

server name

date of restore

path of data

restore path

and upon interactive input ..should be able to restore without netbackup administrator help

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You could write a shell script (if customers system is UNIX based) and that may work.

Otherwise you could give your user/s access to the Backup, Archive and Restore GUI, but this gives them access to restore from all systems.

Normally you would restrict restores only to administrators.

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I cannot see this being automated unless you are a very accomplished script writer.

Get your users to start using bprestore command.

Using bprestore from cmd (or script) to alternate folder requires setup of <RenameFile>. If more than one folder needs to be restored, <RestoreFileList> text file will also be needed. See

Another thought:

Why not just teach them to use the GUI? Client-side GUI will be easiest.
See NBU Backup, Archive, and Restore Getting Started Guide

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
Handy NBU Links

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Interactive scripts for users? That would be an intensive task to do from my opinion, not to mention keeping track of the request logs.

My suggestion: you can setup security for your Netbackup environment, either by NBAC or Java console auth.conf. This would allow you to create a "shared" user (or even more users) who can only access the GUI to perform restore-only task.

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Regards,  Martin
Setting Logs in NetBackup:
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You need to ask yourself the question. Do you want users to be able to restore from any client backup to any system? This poses possible security conflicts.

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Here is a basic interactive restore script as requested.

At the moment, this does NOT cope with alternate location restores - I'll add this when I get time.

It does not really do any checking - for example, is the master server name entered valid etc ...  This is not really essential for basic functionality, I might add this in if I get time.

Run it like this ..  /tmp/filelist contains the list of files to restore in format :



Run it like this ...

 ./ 04/16/2012

Tmp restore directory /tmp/sym/restore already exists
Please enter value for MASTER
Please enter value for SOURCE
Please enter value for DESTINATION
Please enter value for FILELIST
Here is the script ...
#Define a few variables ...
DIR=/tmp/sym/restore   #DIR used for 'tmp' files
#Create directory
create_dir () {
        if [[ -d $DIR ]]
                echo "Tmp restore directory $DIR already exists"
                mkdir $DIR
                echo "Created directory $DIR"
collect_values () {
  echo "Please enter value for $i"
  read VALUE
  echo $VALUE >$DIR/$i
run_restore () {
bprestore -s $STARTDATE -S $(cat $MASTER) -C $(cat $SOURCE) -D $(cat $DESTINATION) -L $LOG  -f $(cat $FILELIST)
#Main script
Regards,  Martin
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