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Netbackup RMAN Multistreamed backup

Created: 01 Feb 2013 | 4 comments


Oracle 10g

I have taken rman backup with 4 channels.

During the restoration also I have allocated 4 channels.

4 restore jobs got started but only one is reading the data from tape and others are showing "media in use"

As per me, Tape is a sequential device, hence only one job can access the media at a time. Correct me if i am wrong.


The below link is stating how to run restore jobs parallely. Is it applicable for multiplexed RMAN backup or multistreamed RMAN backup.

I tried the workaround given in the link but it failed for multiplexed backup.


Also I want to take the RMAN backup with multistream enabled, but when I select Policy type as ORACLE "ALoow multi stream" option is getting disabled. How to enable multi streamed RMAN backup?

Need solution asap.

Thanks in advance.

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you are correct, only one job can use one tape, multiple jobs can not use the same tape at same time.

paralle restore jobs works effectively  when you have the backup data in different Tapes or in Diks.

if the data is same tape, even though paraller restore jobs started, they will run one by one.. because , only one job can use one tape.

comming to RMAN backup with Multistream, that is one that you can elable in RMAN script,currently you are using 4 channels(streams), if you want to increase change the setting in RMAN scripts.

and make sure you have enough (tape drive or disk) rescources avalible to avoide the queued jobs.

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Dear Nagalla,

Thanks for the reply..

You have mentioned that inorder to increase the streams we need to edit RMAN script.

can you tell me what changes are need to be done in RMAN script??
should i allocate more channels?

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yes, you need to allocate more channels.

just make sure your netbackup has enough resources to handle more channels to avoide jobs saying in queue.

Good luck.

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for parallel restore, firstly you should take backup with  Media Multiplexing must be 1 in Oracle Policy.

so your backup goes to 4 diffrent tape and you can restore at same way.


Barbaros Kilic