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Netbackup SAn Client with Hype V

Created: 18 Dec 2012 • Updated: 15 Jan 2013 | 12 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi All,

We have Master/Media Server installed in Windows Server 2008 R2 , HP Storage, HP LTO3 Tape library and 10 Hyper-V servers , all of them connected to SAN switch , what we want the best practies to backup the Hyper-V VMs over the SAN (LAN Free).


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If tape drives are present to all Hyper-V host, consider to configure Hyper-V hosts as SAN media server with Shared Storage Option rather than SAN Client. If configured with SAN client, all backup streams go through FT media server - load of FT media server become higher than SAN media server+SSO setup.

*** ADDED ***

As Kiran pointed below, SAN media server is not applicable in this case. Sorry.
To configure without FT media server like this scenario, Enterprise Media Server license is needed.

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I am doubtful about sending VM data over SAN by configuring Hyper-V host as SAN Media server. SAN media server can backup only itself and any VM residing on it also will be treated as a remote host if you want to backup VMs as normal standalone servers.

Have a look at this forum thread:

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Thank you, Kiran. I forgot this restriction.

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My Issue in details.

I have Netbackup Master and Media Server installed on Redhat 5 with update 3, This Media Server is configured as FT server, Connected to SAN Switch with QLogic HBA. on the Same Zone I connected Hyper- V host and I enable SAN Client on the Host. I successfully Backup Flat Files from the Host and The Transpot Type is " Fiber Transport" . But When Create Hyper V policy to backup VM's Located on This Host  the Transport Type Is "LAN", Please Advise any Further requiremnts or configuration to backup VM's via SAN instead of LAN. ?

Many Thanks.

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Hi Layth

there are many questions coming up on this. Time for  Abdul to write up deep dive in in all possible methods for Hyper-V.

 As far i know Best possible till far should be FT media server. Need to know more about your try on FT backups respective to Hyper-V

Are you protecting Directly guests treating Physical System or is it through Hyper-V itself?

Check nbftclnt logs and in job details on why it chose LAN instead of FT, what caused this trasnport to fail.

There are likely causes of name resolution (shortname vs fqdn)

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Many Thanks captain jack.

We try to protect all guests (VM's) machine through Hyper-V, we installed Netbackup client on Hyper-V host and enable SAN client, when we backup a directory or files located in Host it works (FT Transport) but VM's it is use LAN, considering that there is no installed NB client in VM's, and we use Hyper-V policy type. We Use the Hyper-V host short name in policy and it list all avialable VM's. 

Is there a procedure that you can advise to follow in order to find the solution, and Is this supported in Netbackup SAN client ?

your advise is highly appreciated.

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Hi Layth

Try backing up VMs using native policy type instead of Hyper-V

I'm not sure if Hyper-V does support passthrough of HBA to Guest VM which intern enable emulation of HBA for SAN client to perform.

Have highlighted to Adbul on this requirement, need to wait till he gets this attention here.

VMware has come up for tight integration with Sym,  Wondering why MS is still behind in this. May be with newer release we get some spark especially with wave 2013 products and NBU 76 integration :-)

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Till we get official hearing on SAN transport, you still get option to increase bottlneck of LAN use teamed or 10 Gbps network which is even fast then 4/8 gbps FC ;-)

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Hi Layth,

Configure Hyper-V for backing up  the guest systems via SAN is available with Netbackup version , just upgrade your system to this version and create Hyper-v policy.

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According to VirtualED:

Using the SAN client feature to backup a VM with a client inside of it is not supported.  SAN Client only supports Qlogic HBA, and the HBA presented in a VM is not a QLogic even if the Host adapter is a QLogic.  A Virtual HBA is always presented in a different format.

A VM cannot be a SAN Client (Implies both VMware and Hyper-V).
Some have gotten it to work, perhaps using some passthrough config between the VM and the physical host, but this is not officially supported by NetBackup.

VirtualED is not entirely correct about "SAN Client only supports Qlogic HBA" though. The Qlogic requirement is really just for the FT Media Server, not the SAN Client.
According to the Netbackup Hardware Compatibility List:

The HBA support model for NetBackup SAN Client is an "OPEN" model. All host bus adapters (HBA), switches, bridges, and routers are supported in a SAN environment. This means that if a Fibre Channel component is causing a problem, Symantec will work with the component vendor in an attempt to resolve the problem, but resolution is not guaranteed. Symantec and most hardware vendors listed are members of TSANet.

Next, from the Netbackup release notes:

Etrack Incident: 2845650
This fix enables Hyper-V and FlashBackup-Windows jobs to use Fibre Transport.

It would seem that the SAN Client was always intended to work with the Hyper-V policy type, but only from will it really start to work properly and send traffic through SAN to your Fibre Transport Media Server.

Your Hyper-V configurations look fine.
Like Khaled Mashaykh said, upgrade your Netbackup environment to and give it a try to see if the traffic would go through your SAN this time.

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Thanks Khaled and RLeon,

After upgrade to our traffic go through SAN. Now I can backp VM's directly using Hyper-V policy and the Transport Type is through SAN.

Thanks to All