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NetBackup Schedule Conflicts

Created: 27 Nov 2006 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 8 comments


We are currently running Netbackup 6 MP3 and are having problems where schedules are conflicting and it is running a weekly job and not a monthly job. We have defined our monthly backups to a rentention period of 1 year and set to level 8. We have our weekly backups set to a retention period of 4 weeks and using level 7. Both backups are scheduled to start at the same time.

As far as i understood, the higher the retention level then the higher the priority it had to run, and the longest since it last ran came into consideration too. Is there some settings i should be checking that i overseen to correct this problem? Is there any tool within NetBackup that can show you what policy schedule is overriding what?

Any help with this would be much appreciated.



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Priority is set in the "Policy" "Atributes" "Job priority" tab.

Remeber, you dont want two jobs running at the same time on the same server, this creates a performace "hit" on the clients server, shuffle the times when these two jobs run.

Here is an example:

policy window
open exchange policy
you should have four tabs to pick from
Attributes Schedules Backup Selection Clients

Attributes - Job priority should be set to 0 the rest is set to your enviroment
Schedules -
Monthly Full backup Synthetic backup no Disk backup no 1 year retention retention level set to 8 frequency is a calendar date
Full Type Full Backup Synthetic backup no Disk backup no 3 month retention level 6 1 day frequency

I only use the Job Priority setting for Archive class backups. I can tell you more about this if you need to know.


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I think i might have used the incorrect wording in my previous post possibly as i meant this is 1 policy that has multiple clients but different schedules inside this. It is not conflicting with other policies, but it is the schedules within the policy that are running incorrectly with a weekly schedule taking presedence over a monthly schedule for some reason. From what i understand of your post you are describing conflicting policies and not conflicting schedules. Correct me if i am going mad though, as i am pretty new to NetBackup.

Weekly schedules are set using the calendar and all Fridays ticked. Monthly schedules are set using the calendar and just for the last Friday of the month ticked. It is having problems when say the last Friday in the month is the 4th Friday and it runs the weekly schedule over the monthly schedule. From looking at the tabs within the schedule, it does not have any priority in there but only retention time, which in the previous mail is listed.



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retention has NOTHING to do with priority within a policy. Here is the text from the sysadmin guide vol 1.
Backup Frequency Determines Schedule Priority If more than one automatic schedule is due for a client within a policy, the backup frequency determines the schedule that NetBackup uses:
◆ Jobs from the schedule with the lower frequency (longer period between backups) always get higher priority. For example, a schedule with a backup frequency of one year has priority over a schedule with a backup frequency of one month.
◆ If NetBackup encounters a backup policy with two schedules (one full, one incremental) that are each due to run, are each within their defined time window, and are each configured with the same frequency value, the schedule that is alphabetically first will be chosen to run. For example, NetBackup prioritizes the following three schedules in the order shown:
1. monthly_full (frequency is one month)
2. weekly_full (frequency is two weeks)
3. daily_incremental (frequency is one week) If all three schedules are due for a client, NetBackup adds the job for the monthly full to the worklist and skips the other two. For an explanation of how NetBackup prioritizes each backup job that it adds to its worklist, see Chapter 5 in the NetBackup System Administrator?s Guide, Volume II.Message was edited by:
Bob Stump

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Do both of your schedules have the same window of time to run in? Start at the same time? If so, then, yes, your monthly schedule should take priority.

If they do have the same window and the monthly isn't running, then I might suggest adding some Exclude Dates into the calendar for the weekly schedule (to manually force it to skip monthly weekends). We used a setup like that at my previous employer.

Also, just off the top of my head, I seem to remember seeing some posts about problems with NBU 6MP3 and its scheduler. If none of the above works, you might need to place a service call.


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> It is having problems when say the last
> Friday in the month is the 4th Friday and it runs the
> weekly schedule over the monthly schedule. From
> looking at the tabs within the schedule, it does not
> have any priority in there but only retention time,
> which in the previous mail is listed.

Oh, another idea: what is the frequency set for the monthly schedule? If it's too high you may be missing this run due to inadequate time elapsed.

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Tips: Set beginnig of start window earlier on monthly schedule if you can not configure with exclude dates.

This makes sure monthly backup runs on run day. Calendar based schedule does not come to be due when other backup of same policy ran before in same day.

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Hi all,

Many thanks for all the replies. From trying to take in all that info here is my take on it:

Bob - Thanks for the info, i learn something new every day. However as the monthly schedule has a lower frequency than the weekly schedule, then it should still run monthly before the weekly.

David - Both schedules have exactly the same time window and start at the same time. The only difference between the 2 schedules is monthly is only run on the last Friday of the month and weekly is set to every Friday (everything else is mirrored). Excluding dates would be a painful task to do as we have 10-20 jobs running with both having weekly/monthly schedules. I think i would be more inclined to move the start times than start messing with exclude dates.

My conclusion is i will test a few scenarios in a test lab and see how i come along. I will try to get in MP4 as soon as i can as MP3 could possibly be affecting this. If i can't find a solution by the end of the month i will move the backup start times, however it is not most ideal solution.

If anyone has anymore ideas or settings to check then fire away.



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Hi Nick,

Can you confirm that "last Friday" is not ticked in the "weekly" schedule. We use the same setup in NBU ES Windows v5.1 MP3aS2 and it works for us.