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Netbackup scheduler backing up multiple db2 databases on a single server.

Created: 19 Jun 2013 | 2 comments


My high level question

  • How does one schedule multiple db2  database backups on a single server using a single policy from netbackup scheduler.

The Detail

  • We run a consolidated db2 environment with 50 - 100 databases spread over 15 instances on a single AIX LPAR
  • I have created a script based on the netbackup wizzard script that netbackup scheduler executes.  This scripts throws multiple backups in the back ground
  • Each of these backup command writes it's out put to a file on tmp
  • Once all backgrupnd jobs has finished , the output files are read and the return codes analysed.
  • The highest return code is returned to the scheduler.

My issue is that I only get one return code for the whole operation covering 50 - 100 databases.  In ops centre it report on the streams the we started.

Is it possible to have a job per database and not per server in a single policy ?

ps. I am a db2 dba and not a netbackup administrator.

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Nicolai's picture

No you can't. 

In general a "backup good" status should be retrieved from the DB2 side and not from the Netbackup side. You can potential have a scenario where Netbackup think the backup is done but DB2 has failed. This is likewise for SAP and Oracle.

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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Philip_Louw's picture

Are there any of the scheduler developers on this forum.

Please add it to the wish llist.

Add the option to have multple scripts that can be scheduled per server.

As I understand the filelist is per policy. and all filelist will be backedup on all servers in a policy.