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Netbackup Services

Created: 18 Nov 2012 • Updated: 21 Feb 2013 | 8 comments
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We are moving from Backup Exec to Veritas Netbackup.

I'm new to Netbackup. Could you please share some documents that would help me to learn the basics?

I would like to know about the following:

1. The services running for netbackup.

2. Folders installed under Program files\veritas

3. database used in Netbackup, after installation I cannot figure out which is the database service running, like for Backup exec there was SQL (BackupExec)

A may definitly have more questions.

Thank you in advance.

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For a list of NBU services refer to the below article

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Thank you Amol..

I'm trying to learn this stuff before we upgrade.

I installed the master server on a workgroup environment. on a VMware. I cannot get the services to get started.

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actually it is netbackup event management service. It starts and then stops.

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In event viewer:

event id: 0

EMM interface initialization failed, status=334

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1> Amol already provided the answer, also you start reading admin guide as a starting point

2> YOu just installed it, why don't check yourself.

3> NBU uses Sybase ASA(Adaptive Server Anywhere) is former name of Sybase SQL.

On which OS you are installing the NBU? What error you see in the event viewer when you start that service. Try to bpdown and bpup.
Check NetBackup Install.#####.log to check if install was smooth.

Is firewall on? Disable it if it is.

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this is a windows server 2003 R2 server.

firewall is disabled.

I will check the log. 

Thank you.

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You will find links to all manuals in the 'Handy NBU Links' in my signature.

Uninstall NBU on the server, then read through Installation Guide. Ensure all pre-reqs are met before you attempt another install. Services wil start automatically after successful installation.
Please take note of the fact that you can only use Disk Storage on a virtual master/media server - no tape.

To understand configuration of backup storage and policies, please read through NBU Admin Guide I.
NBU databases and folder structure are also covered in Admin Guide I.

NBU is not an 'off-the-shelve' product that you just install and go next, next... and all is working. 
You either need to attend a 5-day classroom training course or spend lots of time reading manuals.
Not something we can help you with in a single forum discussion....

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
Handy NBU Links

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Event manager is OID log 231.

You would ned to gather this to see if there are any clues.

See here to see how to set up VX/ Unified logs.

The number you want for the <oid> is 231


Regards,  Martin
Setting Logs in NetBackup: