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Netbackup for SharePoint 2013?

Created: 17 Dec 2012 • Updated: 18 Jul 2013 | 6 comments
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I'm working with a client who's using Netbackup 7.5, and they're looking at implementing SharePoint 2013.  Does Netbackup 7.5 currently support SharePoint 2013, or is there a roadmap that gives a general idea of when SharePoint 2013 will be supported by Netbackup (7.5 or later)?



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SharePoint 2013 is in early release so can't imagine NetBackup supports it today though I'm sure their engineers are working on it! 

update: Alex's blog refers to support from Enterprise Vault and I expect similar support from NetBackup

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Symantec generally takes 90-120 days to certify support on new products. I believe MS wave 2013 are just reached to RTM so we should expect certified support by Feb-Mar 2013. May be we get netbackup 7.6 ;-)

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We are currently running SharePoint 2010 GRT backups on Netbackup  Our SharePoint team is currently testing SharePoint 2013 in a sandbox environment for rollout later in the year.  What are our options for running GRT backups with SharePoint 2013. I have been doing a lot of searching but not finding much info on the topic. Thanks

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Sharepoint 2013 is expected to be supported and 7.6

You can subscribe to :  to be alerted when it is supported.

I belive the ETA for is sometime this summer, however there has been no offical release date from Symantec as of yet.  Currnelty 7.6 is out on beta.  Please go to :  


For more info pPlease see : -
NetBackup Product Lifecycle and End of Support Life (EOSL)  - Master NetBackup Compatibility Lists

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Thanks for all the great info. Looks like our 2013 rollout is planned for Oct so that gives us time to plan for a NB upgrade

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UPDATE : was released and Sharepoint 2013 is supported.   Please note : GRT is currnelty not supported for 2013 .

Please see this blog regarding - It contains the download links, release notes, and hand MS 2012 info.

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