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NetBackup SharePoint Web collection restores

Created: 09 Mar 2011 • Updated: 06 Feb 2012 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Does anyone have any experiences/ideas how to use NetBackup to perform cross site web collection restores for SharePoint 2007?

Currently, we have one production MOSS farm and one MOSS farm on DR site.  They are two different  MOSS farms.

What we tried to do is be able to restore some of the web collections from production site to DR site, instead of restore the whole farm?  Is that possible?  

If possible, is there any tips how to do that?

If not possible, can we restore the whole farm onto different MOSS environment, (e.g.  different MOSS front-end server and different SQL back-end server)? and How to?

Many thanks,


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Whats your Netbackup version ?

See the below link it may help you (Backups and restores of SharePoint Server and Windows SharePoint

Services, Chapter # 5)

Any comment will be appreciated. Mark as Solution if your query is resolved
Thanks in Advance
Zahid Haseeb

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The process for doing this:

In a SharePoint Server 2007 or later farm, or in a SharePoint Foundation or WSS
installation, a Web application restore can be redirected within the same farm or
to a different farm. The source Web application cannot be a live Web application.
The Web application target to which you want to redirect the restore must already
exist on the specified Web server. The target must have the same database
structure as the source Web application. The SharePoint version from the source
farm must match the SharePoint version of the destination farm.
Note the following when you redirect a Web application:
- You can redirect the restore of Web applications to another farm, and the Web
applications must be restored at the database level.
- The destination SharePoint farm nodes must be in the NetBackup domain.
- The destination farm must be configured in the NetBackup master server. The
DistributedApplicationRestoreMappingunder HostProperties must contain
the mapping for the destination farm.
- The Windows Client Properties for the destination farm nodes must be set
for SharePoint for all nodes in the farm.
- A NetBackup client must be installed on all nodes of the destination farm.
- You cannot complete a redirected restore if the SQL databases exist across
multiple SQL hosts.
- You must restore all redirectedWebapplication SQL databases in one operation
at the same time.
- The destination SharePoint farm must be properly mapped in the master server
host properties Distributed Application Restore Mapping.
- The master server host properties for a distributed application must have all
the farm nodes of the destination SharePoint farm mapped as components of
the source SharePoint front end.
- You cannot redirect a Web application to the same farm more than once. This
restriction ensures SQL database ID uniqueness.
- The SharePoint version of the source and destination must be the same.
- The SQL version of the source and destination must be the same.
- You can redirect the restore of a Web application, at the database level, within
the same farm.

To redirect a restore of a SharePoint Web application to another farm
1 Log on as Administrator.
2 Create the target Web application on the target Web server. The target site
must have the same database structure as the source site.
3 Remove the source Web application.
If you attempt the redirected restore without removing the source, the restore
completes successfully, but the databases are not properly connected to the
virtual server.
4 Open the Backup, Archive, and Restore interface.
5 Click File > Select Files and Folders to Restore > from Normal Backup.
6 Select the MS-SharePoint policy type.
See “Specifying the server, client, and the policy type for a SharePoint Server
restore operation” on page 78.
7 From the NetBackupHistory pane, select the image(s) that contain the objects
you want to restore:
? The last full backup, or
? The last full backup and all subsequent differential backups
8 In the All Folders pane, expand Microsoft SharePoint Resources.
9 In the Contents of pane, select the Web application to redirect.
10 Click Actions > Restore.
11 In the Restore Marked Files dialog box, click the Microsoft SharePoint tab.
12 Check Redirect SharePoint Resources.
13 Click Portal sites (SharePoint 2003 only) or Web applications (SharePoint
2007 and later versions).
14 In the URL box, type the URL of the destination site:
15 In the Front end web server name box, indicate the host name of the Web
16 Click Start Restore.