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Created: 11 Aug 2013 • Updated: 15 Aug 2013 | 16 comments
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I want to backup to tape from puredisk every weekend, If possiable, I want to export all puredisk at once, I don't mind it will take few days to finish it

What is the best way to do this? via SLP? I can't choose directly duplicate to tape? I do not want to use snapahot method, I want to backup the all disk


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SLP is the method I would choose - but you can't configure a job that "just" do puredisk to tape duplication. A SLP describes the "path" a backup travels thru time - so you need to configure a SLP that first uses PureDisk and then get duplicated to tape  from puredisk (very simplified ).

SLP are hard to control so you will properly see duplication to tape running thru the week and not only in the weekend (pls see the LIFECYCLE_PARAMETERS file). From my point of view this is OK - you avoid having possible backlog.

I find this document very hand - NetBackup 7.5 Best Practice - Using Storage Lifecycle Policies:'


Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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My take would be to use bpduplicate command. Please check its syntax in

Assuming all your backup images which hits PureDisk are primary copy and you only run such backups in this NBU domain it should have been simply, ie:

bpduplicate -hoursago 168 -dstunit your_tape_STU -dp your_volume_pool -L your_logfile -rl your_retention-level

If the above assumption is not truth then you need to spend more time on finding the backup images you would like to duplicate and then run bpduplicate with -Bidfile file_name switch where file_name consists all backup images to duplicate....

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thanks for answering , trying to run as a test :

bpduplicate -hoursago 48 -dstunit ta-nbmedia-hcart3-robot-tld-0 -dp DP_LAN_1

tried many things like using it with cn 2 etc:

>bpduplicate -hoursago 48 -dstunit hcart3-robot-tld-0 -dp DP_LAN_1 -rl 3

bpduplicate -hoursago 48 -dstunit ta-nbmedia2-hcart3-robot-tld-0 -dp DP_LAN_2 -cn 2 -rl 3

getting every time:

INF - Cannot obtain resources for this job : error [167]

what is wrong?


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Cannot obtain resources for this job 

Have you checked that there are tapes available in those pools to the chosen destination storage unit(s) in robot 0? 

See if you can select those parameters from the GUI under Catalog -> Duplicate

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Is you media server from where you are running this able to 'see' storage server - puredisk one??

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hi again..the answer is yes for :

"select those parameters from the GUI under Catalog -> Duplicate"

also the answer for quebek is "yes"

Tries also to run it against other media server connected to same shared robot; got the same result :\

Capture2.JPG Capture.1JPG.JPG
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Your screenshots are not showing duplication parameters.

Choose one of those images, right-click, and select Duplicate.

Choose a Storage Unit and Pool as per your command-line attempts. 
Click OK. 
Check Results tab and let us know what happens.

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Itai's picture is working..something must be wrong the way it's written at the command line

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That is why I wanted you to use the GUI, hoping that you would realize where the mistake was made using cmd. Did you write down the STU and pool name you chose? Or maybe take a screenshot?
When using cmd, please bear in mind that NBU is case sensitive.

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Itai's picture's working...Thanks Marianne & quebek..

Now.. I want to make it better.. it looks like science fiction to me but maybe you can help.

the batch file I made and when it will be ready I will put on weekly scheduele task on master server

is now: bpduplicate -hoursago 48 -dstunit Lan_Tape_Group_LTO3 -dp LTO3 -L c:\logbpduplicate.txt -rl 3 robot is with 5 drives, can I make the bpduplicate take all images it found and make the 5 drives

working at once? my goal off course is finish exporting on a weekly basis to tape all weekend images fatest

as I can.


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found it, was easier than I thought      -mpx 

thanks again and have a great weekend :)

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reopen it.. I want to bpduplicate to multi strem

Can I???


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You meant to write to multiple tape drives in paraller?

If so, you need to find out all backup images to be duplicated and then divide them into let say 4 (you want four drives being occupied simultanously) and run 4 bpduplicate commands each duplicating its own backup images (1/4) which can be passed by -Bidfile switch ;)

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ok that's what I have figured out , but thought i'll might get a better answer here... so, I managed to divide it

to 3 media servers- 3 dedup disks with different id

bpduplicate -mpx -cn 1 -id @aaaa0  -hoursago 24 -dstunit Lan_Tape_Group_LTO5 -dp LTO5 -L C:\bat\export_logs\logbpduplicate-LAN.txt -rl 3

bpduplicate -mpx -cn 1 -id @aaaa6  -hoursago 24 -dstunit Lan_Tape_Group_LTO3 -dp LTO3 -L C:\bat\export_logs\logbpduplicate-LAN.txt -rl 3


Now, one of the dedup disks it large, and I want to divide it to 3 tapes at once

How do I via bpduplicate filter jobs and avoiding duplicate part of the jobs twice?

I need on a weekly base to find the id number of jobs and divide it? enoying


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So you need to figure out the backup images being written to this particular storage unit and then split them into three separete bidfiles....

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correct me if I'm wrong here, I thought i might add -policy 'policy name' and split it like this?