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Netbackup - SQL Server - Moving from Disk - Tape to DDT

Created: 02 Jul 2013 | 3 comments
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We are currently using the SQL Server plugin for NetBackup and backing up databases directly to tape. By reviewing our SQL Server wait stats, I am finding that a lot of time is spent waiting for the tape backups to complete. If we switch to native SQL Server backup (to disk), and then use Netbackup for a file-level backup of the native backup files, are we losing any benefits? The only bad thing I can think of is the additional disk storage that will be needed.

We are on NetBackup 7.1 currently upgrading to 7.5.

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You will have to weigh up  2-step backup and a 2-step restore vs a 1-step backup and restore.

My recommendation is to find the reason for the 'waits' and see if that can be resolved.

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The most prevalent waits by a long shot are BACKUPBUFFER, BACKUPIO, and BACKUPTHREAD. These all indicate that the backup hardware cannot keep up with the SQL Servers. If I run native SQL Server backups to disk, they go much faster. Granted, I am the DBA, and don't understand the backup hardware in detail, but here are the times I see with some initial testing:

Backup to tape through NetBackup for a 30GB database: 18 minutes

Backup to disk with SQL Server native backup: 2 minutes

That's a lot of time saved, especially when we're working with OLTP databases. 

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If you local disk space is enough,i think it's ok.

you can use disk staging function. backup to local disk stu first,and duplicate data to tape stu.