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Netbackup storage capacity planning

Created: 14 Jul 2010

Hi! My organization is planning to implement DLO for the first time to backup windows xp and Windows 7 desktops and laptops. I am looking for some help on coming up with a formula to estimate how much space will backups consume (total storage space consumed) for the next 5 years.

We are using Netbackup DLO version 6.1MP5a. We plan to:
1) Store 2 revision on the filer,
2) Retention policy is 30 days
3) Using CDP to make changes after every 4 hours of a file being changed.
4) Initial size is 2.2GB
5) Average daily rate growth is 0.16%
6) Number of working days: 264
7) Number of users: 10,000

The formula I'm using to calculate storage space consumed on a yearly basis for is :
(Initial Size + (Average Daily growth * Initial Size * Revisions)* working days)) * number of users

The issue with this formula is that it doesn't take into account that older revisions will be deleted after 30 days. Does anyone have any recommendations for taking that variable into account?

Thanks in advance,