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NetBackup tar and MaNgLeD rename files

Created: 15 Mar 2010

Hey all,

For reasons that are too long to get into here, I'm using /usr/openv/netbackup/tar on a Linux NetBackup 5.1 server, to extract files from a slew of AIT and LTO3 tapes.

During this process, I'm running into files that have paths longer than 256 characters, so tar is producing lots of files named @@MaNgLeD.XXXX.

According to the NetBackup docs, tar should also be producing a @@MaNgLeD_rename file, which has info on how to rename the mangled.xxxx files back to their original path.

However, i'm not getting this @@mangled_rename file - can't find it anywhere, even after succesfully extracting many of these tapes.  I'm getting plenty of the mangled.xxxx files though.

wondering if anyone has run into the same issue, or if the mangled_rename file is landing somewhere that i'm not looking?

one thing that i'm wondering if it is causing an issue is that i am using a renames file, to re-path the files that i'm extracting with NetBackup tar.

for example, to extract a tape, after mounting it with tpreq, i repeatedly (like 20000 times) run the following:

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/tar -x -E $base/renames/global -P -v -f /tape/$tape &> $log

maybe the use of this global renames file is screwing things up, and leading tar to not produce the @@MaNgLeD_rename file?