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NetBackup Technical Information Updates: Deduplication FAQs

Created: 26 Jul 2013 | 10 comments
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Speeding up deduplication

Check here for new and updated technical articles (and videos) on NetBackup and NetBackup Appliances that have been vetted by a cross-functional content council of NBU product and technical support engineers. 

The first article (link above) takes a deeper dive into the NetBackup deduplication process. Read this article if you have ever wondered why:

  • MSDP is always busy, even with no jobs running
  • TLog processing takes days to complete
  • DiskVolume is down
  • You are getting Status Code 83, 84, or 2074

If you have feedback or questions on any of the articles, or if you have key topics or areas that you would like to see addressed, please comment and let us know. Our aim is to provide you with the most up-to-date technical information on the NetBackup issues that concern you most.  

Operating Systems:

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Hi Mette Wadleigh

I want to know more HOW MSDP work? Can you provide mor info?

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Have you tried the manuals?

NBU Deduplication Guide
NBU Deduplication: Additional Info

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
Handy NBU Links

huanglao2002's picture

Thanks Marianne van den Berg,i will take more time to read this doc.

Mette Wadleigh's picture

Hi Jim,

I see that the intrepid Marianne van den Berg and Omar Villa have suggested some docs for you. If the docs don't completely answer your questions, please let us know! Thanks.  

huanglao2002's picture

Hi Mette Wadleigh

When i use MSDP function, i often encount the problems as below

1. MSDP create failed, I don't know what is MSDP create wizard do,so it's hard for troubleshoot.

2.Two months ago,I want to delete MSDP from my test environment.It's take me 2 weeks to do this,i need  follow lots of TN to complete it.

3.As a netbackup adm,i know how to troubleshoot daily erros. After use MSDP function,i'm confused.

4.Our site have a 5200 box,I'm not confident to use it. it's like a black box.




Omar Villa's picture

Check the dedup process flow

Omar Villa

Netbackup Expert

Twiter: @omarvillaNBU

erikalui's picture

I checked out this manual It was quite useful. Thanks for the information.

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With 7.6.x.x and 2.6.x.x code there are significant performance improvements, Following few links are worth looking..

Deduplication Multi-Threaded Agent (mtstrmd)

Reference Database Re-architecture (RefDB)

Queue Processing enhancements

MSDP Deduplication Manager enhancements

MSDP Deduplication Engine enhancements

Data Integrity and Self Healing updates

General MSDP Components and Details