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NetBackup unified logs - originator ID

Created: 28 Jun 2010 • Updated: 31 Jul 2010 | 3 comments
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Hi all,

I thought I have seen the list of all (NetBackup) originator ID for unified logs on Symantec's support website before, but I can't find it anymore.  What I want is a comprehensive list to match any NetBackup daemon to its Originator ID, such as

nbemm = 111

Anybody here has such list?  Thanks in advance.

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Read this tech note

this is a small excerpt from it.

Configuration Files used with Unified Logging
Unified logging is meant to work NetBackup as well as other products.  As a result, there are different configuration files used with Unified logging.

  • The /etc/vx/vrtslog.conf file stores a list of Product Id's that are configured to use Unified logging.  This will contain entries for NetBackup as well as other products such as the VERITAS Shared Infrastructure Services (VxICS) or the VERITAS File System (VxFS).  This file will not need to be modified when configuring Unified Logging for NetBackup.
  • The /usr/openv/netbackup/nblog.conf file stores a listing of Originator ID's used by NetBackup.  This is the primary file that will be modified with vxlogcfg to configure Unified logging for NetBackup.
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Table 3-2 pp84-87 "Unified logging: originator IDs and NetBackup processes"

That's probably the list you remember!

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Yes Andy you are right! That's the list I remembered.  Too funny I did not check the apparent source! blush