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Netbackup Upgrade from 6.5.6 to 7.5

Created: 27 Nov 2012 • Updated: 30 Dec 2012 | 7 comments
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I want to upgrade my netbackup from 6.5.6 to Netbackup 7.5.

I have 1 master-cum-media server and 2 media servers in my netbackup environment.

OS of Master-cum-media server is : HP-UX 11.23

OS of Media 1 server is : HP-UX 11.23

OS of Media server 2 is : Linux 5.8 (64 bits).

We know that HP-UX 11.23 is not supported as master or media server in Netbackup 7.5 version.

So we thought of making our media server which is Linux 5.8 (64 bits) as our Master server and keep the other 2 media servers on netbackup 6.5.6.

Can we do this? Is there any challenge or risk involved?

We have BCV, Vmware, DB and NDMP backups in our environment. Will this setup work on these?

Also, we have Overland Neo series 4000 in our environent with master and slave concept. Symantec and overland says that they have not tested this library on Netbackup 7.5 so they are unsure wheather it will work or not. And in Symantec matrix compatibility list it shows that Overland Neo series 4000e is supported but not Neo Series 4000.

I don't know whether they are same or different?

We don't have approval to buy new hardware at the moment so we need to utilize two (2)  HP-UX 11.23 media server to be kept on Netbackup 6.5.6

And, Overland Neo series 4000 as our library.

Please provide your valuable feedback and i will be highly obliged if anyone from symantec can provide their input.

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Best to setup a new Linux server with the same hostname as current master.

Use process described in this TN to migrate to new hardware on Linux:

Correction:  HP-UX 11.23 is NOT supported as Master on any NBU 7.x version.
Still supported as media server until 7.5.

See NBU 7.5 SCL:

HP-UX 11.23  PA-RISC [3

3. This Operating System on this CPU Architecture is not supported at the next major release following NetBackup 7.5.
Also best not to keep any media servers on 6.5, as this version has reached EOSL on 3 October.
Check Hardware Compatibility List for Overland support:
Seems to me your library is (still) supported.

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Hello Marianne,

Thanks for your response!!

Yes you are correct that it is more wise to purchase new hardware but at the moment we are not having approvals for the same.

We are okay to go ahead with making our linux media server as our New Master and keep the other HP-UX 11.23 (PA-RISC) as the 2 media servers.

What's the road map for it..First we need to upgrade it as Netbackup 6.5 master server and then netbackup 7.5 master or can we directly migrate it onto Netbackup 7.5?

But we have VCB, NDMP and few clients on windows 2000 also. So what's the best setup for this?

Also, regarding the library our current library is OVERLAND NEO SERIES 4000 but i contacted Symantec and Overland in this regard and they said that they have not tested this library compatibility with Netbackup 7.5. Also, in Symantec HCL i can see that OVERLAND NEO SERIES 4000E is mentioned.

We are not sure if OVERLAND NEO SERIES 4000 & OVERLAND NEO SERIES 4000E are same or different?

Could you please help us so that we could plan things accordingly.

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The migration process will be the same as the TechNote that I've mentioned above.

You will have to decommission the Linux media server, then completely uninstall NBU. 
Rename the host to be the same as the current HP-UX master server.
Install NBU to same path as HP-UX master & patch to exact  same version.
Use catalog backup and restore method described in the TN to migrate. Take note of additional steps when migrating to RHEL.

Only upgrade to 7.5 and (immediately to after you have confirmed that 6.x migration was successful and all backups (and some test restores) are successful.

You should be able to re-use current HP-UX master server as media server, but you will have to completely uninstall NBU, rename the host (possibly to same name previously used by Linux media server?) then install with NBU 7.5 as media server.

Please refer the Symantec person that you spoke to, to the HCL. 
To confirm support, use output of 'scan -changer' to verify Inquiry string. 
If it is the same as in the HCL, you're good to go.

I have no idea if 4000 and 4000E are the same - your harware supplier should be able to tell you.

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Hello Marianne,

Many thanks for your response!! This is very helpful.

Below is the output of 'scan -changer"

Inquiry    : "OVERLANDNEO Series      0616"
Vendor ID  : "OVERLAND"
Product ID : "NEO Series      "
Product Rev: "0616"

 Also, as per symantec's HCL we have below;

Device-Interface :: NEO 4000e - Fibre Channel

Inquiry String :: OVERLANDNEO^Series

Address Scheme ::  Multi LUN

Robot Type :: TLD

Firmware tested :: 1.22

Could you please confirm if this is supported in NBU 7.5 or not.

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NetBackup 7 Hardware Compatibility List (HCL):

is for ALL NBU 7.x versions - including 7.5.

You will see that it was updated on November 21, 2012.

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Hi Marianne,

But in this latest Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) also the things are same as was in the last version.

But still we are unable to figure out wheather this library is supported or not in netbackup 7.5.

Kindly guide me!!

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I have nothing else to say. 

If Symantec says 7.x, it means ALL NetBackup 7 versions - including 7.5.

The intro pages of the HCL tells you what is new/changed in each new version of the doc.

Here is the Master Compatibility List:

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