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Netbackup upgrade from version 6.5.1 to 7.1

Created: 28 Dec 2012 • Updated: 13 Mar 2013 | 2 comments
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I need some information.

one of my client is using netbackup version 6.5.1 on windows 2003 master/media server and also all netbackup physical clients, database, exchange and virtual machine servers are in same version 6.5.1

Now, iam going to configure new media server with Netbackup version 7.1, with existing master/media server with netbackup version 6.5.1, so I need to upgrade master server also with same version 7.1,

my question is,

I will upgrade master server 7.1 from 6.5.1, is there any other changes need to be done ? and it won´t affect backups for netbackup physical clients, database, exchange and virtual machine servers with version 6.5.1 ?


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yes, it wount affect the backup for netbackup physical clients, database, exchange and virtual machine servers with 6.5.1, because netbackup have the backword compatablity.
Rules specific to NetBackup 7.1
  • Vsphere 5 Support in requires all components be upgraded to
  • A 7.1 master server is compatible with 6.5.X/6.0 media servers; clients connecting to the 6.5.X/6.0 media servers are compatible as long as they are at least version 6.0.
  • OpsCenter Server should be at the same or higher level as the NetBackup Master being reported on.

and plan to upgrade those also aso 6.X is end of support.. 

and its always recommented to go with higher maintance pack

check the below recommendations before you start to 7.1 upgrade.

NetBackup 7.1:
Key Notes:
1. Before starting upgrading to NetBackup 7.1, run a Catalog Backup.
2. Upgrade to NetBackup 7.1 can occur from NetBackup 6.x and NetBackup 7.x versions.
3. With NetBackup 7.x, all Unix/Linux 32-bit support has been discontinued. Customers with 32-bit master servers can perform the following:
A. Move to a Netbackup Appliance
B. Transfer a NetBackup master to new hardware/architecture should refer to:
 4.   Symantec recommends that the consistency of the NetBackup EMM and BMR databases is validated and verified prior to performing the upgrade to NetBackup 7.1.
5. Upgrades from 6.x using OST on Unix Media Servers will be required to update the plug-in to a 64 bit version. For more information please refer to:
6. After upgrade, please apply the latest maintenance packs which can be found here:
Known Issues:
Please Review the full list of known issues on:
7.1 Late Breaking News:
hope this helps and Good luck..
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Nagalla's excellent post was taken from NBU 7.x upgrade portal:

Please consider upgrading to 7.5 followed by rather than 7.1.

Please check ALL links mentioned in Upgrade Portal (including SORT).

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
Handy NBU Links