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Created: 14 Mar 2012 | 4 comments

Hi Guys,

We have started using Vault for Netbackup and we are a few weeks in to our cycle and tapes should now be coming back, However Vault is not requesting the tape be returned. Has anyone seen this before?

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Hi Nick,

We need a bit more informastion, how about you post up the vault.xml (this is the vault configeration).

From memory :  <install_path>\netbackup\db\vault\vault.xml or /usr/openv/netbackup/db/vault/vault.xml

Vault will only request tapes back when:

1. The tape has expired

2. The vault profile is run after the tape has expired 

Have the tapes that have been offsited by vault expired ?  Since they expired, have you run vault ?

Also, have you got the 'vault picklist' report configured ?



Regards,  Martin
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Hi Nick,

I agree with Martin that more information would be needed but one thing that we experienced here whern implementing Vault was that the Vault company supplied an incorrect email address so they were turning up to collect the tapes anyway but nothing came back as the requests weren't getting to the correct team.

Thanks, Mike

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Hi Both,

I have done some digging here and found that our Vault was setup to use containers but what we did not realize was that you had to manually allocate media to a container. I have switched to slots now and manually given the vaulted media a return date.

With the slots config does vault automatically set a return date?



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Hi NIck,

Persoanlly, I think slots are much easier than containers ...

The return date is set, if I rightly remember, when you insert the media back into the library, so, effectivly yes.


Regards,  Martin
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