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Netbackup vault 7.1

Created: 18 Oct 2012 • Updated: 06 Dec 2012 | 2 comments
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I am using Netbackup enterprise 7.1 runing on solaris 10 and  I have created vault jobs and inside vault "chosse backup" tab I have added two policy for duplication

Duplication jobs thru vault completed sucessfully but I when I checked duplication done by vault job are only backup ID which is in first policy means second policy data is not duplicated so it means in one vault job can duplicate one policy data.

We can add two policy in one vault job for duplication but vault job can only duplicate one policy data second policy data is not duplicated Is that true ? or I am doing something wrong

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You have to look at all of the remaining criteria for vault...

Backups Slect Beween #days #hours ago AND #days #hours ago....

This usually is the issue that the backup image one thinks should be included was not backed up within that particular timeframe of days/hours ago.

In additional, are there any other Attributes or Locations that would include or exclude this image from being duplicated.

You will need to click on each item to ensure this image is not excluded....

- Clients

- Backups Types

- Media Servers

- Backups Policies

- Schedules 

- Retention Levels


Basic Disk

Disk Pool 

Source Volume Group 

Volume Pool


Once all are verified, check your duplication tab, ensure if you have disk only or both removable media and disk selected


Another item to check, what is your Maximum Backups Copies value set to on the master.

If it is low, or if you already have additional copies of the image, you may have reach this limit.


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Check your /usr/openv/netbackup/vault/sessions/<vaultname>/<sessionID>/logs/detail.log

That will tell you if backupID from the 2nd policy was selected for duplication or not. Reason will be given if they were not selected. It it gets selected there should be duplication job running and you should be able to check it from the activiity monitor to see if that fails.