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netbackup for VMware

Created: 09 Jan 2013 • Updated: 10 Jan 2013 | 11 comments
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This disscution is contienue to previous " netbackup for VMware" which is was deleted beccause it contains some names of servers I dont want to show them.

the problem still exist and all details abou this will be trasfered to this disscution.

support recomendation to review the following links:



Hi All ,

I'm going to configure netbackup for VMware. the Environment is ready: windows master server, vmware backup host appliance 5220. the data sores were zoned and visible to the backup host. al the VMware backup will be done through Vcenter that was added to the master server and validatton succesfully done,and all required ports was were opened between the Vcenter and the backup system.the vcenter backup role has full permissions and privilege.the policy for VMware was configured and the clients were added. when I started the backup the snapshot of the clients finished successfully and thent the child job is the backup of this snapshot failed with status 23 then end with status 6. that the the backup host unable to open the vmdk to backup the snapshots.the ip addresses and full names of the Vcenter and all the ESX hosts were the host file in the master and the backup host.the SAN team confimed that there are no read write privilages needed for zoning , it is only pathes(map) to the LUNs.

If the backup jobs will work through the Vcenter , and there are no direct access to the ESX hosts from the master server and backup host ,the same port that were opened between the Vcenter and the backup system should be opend between all ESX hosts and Backup system even if there are no direct access to the ESX hosts.Is this right? please advice if there are any thing is missed.

Kindly help me in this

netbackup Master server
Media server and backup host appliance 5220 v2.5

I opened a case with Symantec support: The Engineer confimed that even the backup will go through the Vcenter ,the ports between the master /media servers and all ESX hosts should be opened also.otherwise it is impossible to take Backup such way. Regards, I will update you on how it will be finished Regards,

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 As disscussed with Symantes supports about getting this 23 error( transport type): there are many reasons causing this .

At the begining he asked me first to telnet the ESX hosts were the VM located to check the ports if they were open between the master\media servers and ESX host(mainly 443 and 902),I was unable to telnet themwhich mean that backup server could not access the LUNs to take backup even if I used any transport type. these port should be opened .

I asked the network team to open the requested ports.(waiting)


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Hi All ,

I facing some thing unregular:

- the configuratuon of backup system is ok.(master - media server appliance 5220 v2.5)

- the firewall ports are open between the backup system(master -media servers) and ESX hosts( it was checked )

all data stores are visible to the media server( appliance 5220)

I can see all the clients and the datastores from the VMware policy .

when running backup usinf LAN (NBD) the snapshot and backup succeed,but when running the same job using SAN transport the snapshot succeed then backup failed then I got the know error 23 then 6

SAN team asuring that no read write privileges exist for zoning .once you can see the data stores this mean you can access the VMDK files.

What is missed here ?please advice

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Are you using multipathing in your SAN between the 5220 and datastores? because NetBackup for VMware cannot support multipathing with a Linux backup host that is on NetBackup 52x0 Appliance running N2.5 or later

What version VCenter and ESX hosts?

and NBU policy type is VMware not Flashbackup

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- multipathing: the appliance was zoned to the datastore using 2 HBA FC ports.and all data stores are visible from the appliance and in the this may make sence (failing backup using SAN?

- Vcenter version 5.0

-Vmware policy type


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Have you tried it without multipathing ?

as per technote 127089 page 19, multipathing isnt supported with 5220

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yes , I removed one the HBA connection with the SAN.and now only one HBA was zoned between the appliance and the SAN storage,but the error still exist.


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Which HBA slots on the 5220 are you using for FC connectivity ?

Are ports 80 and 443 open between the 5220 and VCentre ?

Can you upgrade applinace to the latest version, i believe its 2.5.1b?

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-HBA in slot 3 and also tryied slot 4 .

-all ports are open and tested when using nbd transport type

I already upgraded to v2.5.1.b

I believ this is issue from the SAN admin.Because they have concern to give such type of zoning to present theLUN's in the appliance!!

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Hello nrrami,

Do you have resolution of this problem?

I getting the same errror with NBU5220 as Backup Host.

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the issue still exist because of the SAN admin concerns.but if you nee all suggestions related to this ssue as Symanrec support and Symantec team ,kiindly find the description below:
Firstly, the following article from VMware site validates that it is a supported backup method for VMware (infact, it is considered as the Fastest transport method and LAN-free).


Extract from the above URL:


SAN Transport
SAN mode requires applications to run on a backup server with access to SAN storage (Fibre Channel, iSCSI, or SAS connected) containing the virtual disks to be accessed. As shown in SAN Transport Mode for Virtual Disk, this is an efficient method because no data needs to be transferred through the production ESX/ESXi host. If the backup server is a physical machine with optical media or tape drive connected, backups can be made entirely LAN-free.

SAN Transport Mode for Virtual Disk

In SAN transport mode, the virtual disk library obtains information from an ESX/ESXi host about the layout of VMFS LUNs, and using this information, reads data directly from the storage LUN where a virtual disk resides. This is the fastest transport method for software deployed on SAN-connected ESX/ESXi hosts.


Secondly, you need to do two things to get this to work:

- Zoning – Ideally create a separate zone for VMware backup and include the following ports in it:
o SAN Storage ports
o One or more NetBackup Appliance FC ports
- LUN Mapping/LUN masking – Different storage vendors have different terminologies and methods to achieve this. However the idea is that you need to map/mask the VMware DataStore LUNs to the Appliance ports (WWNs). In NetApp, this is achieved by creating an initiator group and then mapping that initiator group to the LUNs of the VMware DataStore.
- This allows the VMware DataStore LUNs to be visible to the appliance (read-only) and hence appliance can read the VADP snapshots of the VMs for backup.
- Finally, you can find best practices on each of these modes in Symantec technote:

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