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netbackup volume manager error 163

Created: 20 Jun 2013 • Updated: 07 Sep 2013 | 10 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

NBU 7.1 - All windows 2008 servers

Master server on Virtual

Media server on Physical


Cannot connect ot NBU Console - folloing error:

netbackup volume manager error 163

NetBackup Volume Manager and Device Manager services not starting.

As per Google :

Checked VM.conf file

Update services file with required entries.

System still active - NBU failure.

Thank you

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Soory - the error is on Master server.

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Try the following:

From cmd (in netbackup\bin\admincmd folder), first stop NBU:

bpdown -f -v

Wait to finish.
Confirm all services are down with '..\bpps'.

Open Services, and stop Symantec Private Branch Exchange.
Start service again.

Go back to cmd and start NBU:

bpup -f -v

Check for error messages.
Check running services/processes with ..\bpps

Let us know which services are not starting and what error message(s) is seen.

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IS this the Admin console on the Master or a remote / media server admin console that will not connect?

As it is 2008 ensure UAC is turned off (or open with right click - run as administrator) and make sure the firewall is off

If a remote admin console make sure the admin console server it listed in the additional servers list on the master

Hope this helps

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i did as you suggest.

No errors but just saying serveces not started.....

Please see attached as to that I did and also last screen of the error.

Appologize for screen dump - but via RDC not working well.

BPDOWN.docx 244.96 KB
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Just to add - this is done locally on the master server. Open console there.

Did try right click - as admin - same result.

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Try to use NBU console on Media server and got message about server list. See attached screen shot.

I remeber this coming up on Master server and used 'repair'.

After this the messages mentioned before started coming up.

It must be something to do with serverlist??

What do you think?

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Sorry here is the attachment.

Doc2.docx 48.82 KB
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Willie, please try and copy text from cmd output and post as .txt files (battling with Word files on Connect Mobile).
Did you check bpps output after stopping and starting NBU? I would like to see text copy of output.

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There is no messages other than STARTED or NOT Started  as output when doing bpup.

Output from bpps:

Bpps output











Does this help?

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Finally re installed NetBackup Master server.

After this all working again.