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Netbackup WAN replication

Created: 08 Apr 2013 • Updated: 08 Apr 2013 | 2 comments
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Hi All

I love this forum. I am having a situation in my environment where we have two sites ,site A & site B.
We are trying to implement Netbackup Managed Optimized file replication on WAN between sites A & B for Data Domain.
The DDs at site A,site B and Lab DD are registered to one media server under one master server.

we have shipped a DD Lab box for site A for initial data seeding. we would then ship the DD Lab box to site B after seeding is completed.

1)I am planning to do an SLP at site A for copy 1 ,duplicate copy 2 for Lab dd

2)At site B, I would use the same media server of site A, Get the backup image Ids of copy 2 from catalog and duplicate to DD of site B.

My question is Can I duplicate it this way ? or when I initiate the duplicate how will the media server come to know where to pick up the image data from Local dd(lab DD) or through distant DD(site A)?

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Rusty Major's picture

Question 1 sounds good and is how most sites are configured to do replication/duplication.

I am a bit confused about what you are trying to do on question 2. Will you be using SLP to handle the duplication between the sites? 

To take images that have already finished their SLP cycle and move/copy them somewhere else will require you to use the bpduplicate command manually. If this is a one time thing, you can probably do this without much issue, but if not, you can utilize the SLP to push the copy around again. Theoretically, it should all work fine as long as everything can communicate properly.

I would highly recommend that you configure the data domains in NBU with the final host name. What I mean is, don't name it siteA_datadomain and then change it to siteB_datadomain once it gets moved. As with most NetBackup things, you can change the IP address all you want, as long as the hostname stays the same. If you end up needing to change the hostname down the line you will run into problems.

Nbuddm's picture

Thanks Rusty for your reply.Heres what I will be doing

1) Site A _DDbox -> Lab_DD     (seeding thru SLP)
2) Lab_DD      ->  site B_DD  (one time duplication of data)

After data is duplicated from LAB_dd to site B_DD , I will use SLP between site A & site B for WAN replication.

I will use the bpduplicate CLI or get the backup image ids from catalog(GUI) to duplicate from LAB_DD->siteB_DD.