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Netshare Admin gone -- decrypt with ADK?

Created: 25 Apr 2012 | 2 comments

We have a NetShare volume on our server that has a single user assigned to it who is also the admin. She has left, and I have been tasked with assigning new users to the volume if at all possible.  I have access to the organization ADK, and the folder shows that the ADK is an authorized key.  However, I cannot decrypt the volume, projote the ADK to a management role, re-encrypt the folder with additional keys, etc.  Is there a method of managing a NetShare volume in this way, or do we need to manually copy the data out into a new volume and set it up properly?

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IF SKM (server key mode) , you can download the key from Universal: Keys > managed keys > search for "additional decryption key" , click on key id,  export, select "export keypair", save the file and import in pgp desktop.

After doing this you should be able to decrypt netshare entering passphrase for ADK.

If CKM (client key mode), the private ADK is stored in PGP desktop which created that key, probably in previous administrator´s PC.

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I have the ADK and passphrase that our Universal Server uses.  However, when I import it into my PGP Desktop and view the NetShare volume, I have no option to decryp the volume.  I do have the option to re-encrypt, but becuase the ADK isn't an admin (or any assigned role for that matter), I am unable to re-encrypt.

For the record, our server is running in GKM.