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Netshare and Sharepoint Versions

Created: 14 Nov 2012 | 3 comments

It appears that when we add a new users keys and re-encrypt a folder only the top version of a sharepoint document is re-encrypted. This has resulted in new members of a project not being able to access earlier versions of a document.

Is this expected behaviour? If it is, is there anyway of encrypting earlier versions?

If its not the expected behaviour any ideas what we are doing wrong.

We are using Sharepoint 2007 and Netshare 10.0

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Alex_CST's picture

Sharepoint w/ PGP NetShare:

There seems to be very little documentation regarding SharePoint, but SharePoint does use WebDAV

There is mention of WebDAV in the documentation regarding SharePoint stating to change the option of "Require Checkout" to "No" and it says that it allows all authorised users to access all files that are being managed by the PGP NetShare folder - try that?

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Dave. Bailey's picture

Thanks for your reply Alex.

When re-encrypting a sharepoint folder you have to set Check out to No otherwise the encryption fails and we still have the problem.

I suspect this is a limitation of the Netshare/SHarepoint interface. When you look at a file using WebDav e.g. in explorer view, you can only see the top version and as it's the WebDAV view that Netshare uses, earlier versions will never be re-encrypted.

The problem is a long term one. As people leave the project, fewer and fewer people can access the earlier versions of documents and it is likely that at some point there will be no one left who can access earlier versions.


Alex_CST's picture

I see.  I think we need confirmation from Symantec if this is a misconfiguration or just not a feature, and if not, worth a post in the Ideas section, as it sounds like something that would be important, especially over the longer term.

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