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Netshare (file_Share) file type

Created: 04 Nov 2013 • Updated: 06 Nov 2013 | 3 comments
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I need your help!

I heard netshare(file share encryption) can encrypt all type of file.(usually in advertisement)

but in technologycally, encryption will be impossible for the some case.

I would like to know about the impossible file type

could you help me??

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By the way, what types of files are you intending to encrypt with Fileshare? If you can provide this information explicitly to me, it would be helpful to find out.

You may check this link below for information regarding FileShare compatibility FAQ:

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I will improve the impormation regarding this issue.

They want to know that netshare can encrypt thier own files & DB.

So I am trying to prepare the situation which is not nomally encrypt.

if you know any case plz let me know.

for example, I know netshare can encrypt nomal type file (i.e ppt,docx,zip etc..)

Then netshare also can encrypt  .db, .idx etc / and the other system can use these DB file nomally??

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Thanks for the clarification. In general, we do support encrypting the database. But it is not a good practice to use Netshare to encrypt the database. We have some known issues with the database files created using the Microsoft Access. Here is a link:

Please also refer to the release notes of the latest version for more information. Here is the link:

Generally, if the database is stored locally then it would be sensible to use the Symantec Drive Encryption which encrypts the entire hard disk instead of using the FileShare.  

Hope it helps.

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